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Hello October

Monki for the UK!

With shipping at  €6, I am SO EXCITED that Monki now has an online store that ships to the UK! They're part of the H&M group so I shopped at Monki loads when I lived in Sweden as it's the most amazing shop. Everything is sweet but edgy, great quality but oversized and comfortable, and totally unique but not too 'out there'. Here is my current wishlist, clockwise from the top left:

Johanna Blouse: I'm looking for a lovely printed blouse and this merged geometric pattern it almost right! It has a gorgeous batwing fit too which would look great with more fitted bottoms and block ankle boots.

Patricia Top: This lace crop top is the sort of thing I know I will WEAR, it would go with everything!

Siliva Blouse: The peter pan collar shirt would be fab with a colour pop skirt and black tights for a bit of a '60s look.

Mona Boots: These are the ultimate '90s boots! So clumpy and chunky, they would make any outfit 100 times cooler.

Cara Top: Ah how cute is this top!!! I'm not sure how it would look with your actual hair over it but I love the idea.

Katy Top: I love the Monki family so this tee would be an ode to those cute critters!

Oki: If you are placing an order, you have to get one of the giant Monki teddies! I made sure I brought Oki home even though I had £80 over baggage fees when I left Sweden, but it was worth it as he's so cute and velvety soft!

Fran Top: I love a cropped top with long sleeves! A super flattering fit and perfect with high waisted skirts.

None of these things are quite amazing enough to place an order although they are damn good prices. However I can't think of Monki without thinking of it's edgier twin shop Weekday, and when I had a browse of their site, I spotted these amazing boots! I'm obsessed with navy/grey at the moment but nude looks so great with black, and they are only 50 euros each! I have the sudden need to order them through Filippa's shopping service from Sweden but I can't decide! I love the slanted heel of the grey middle pair but the higher pairs go that extra fabulous mile. Decisions decisions!

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