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February 25, 2012


Laura Aimee Lewis

Hi Selina,

I'd love to hear about Motel updates-I'm a huge fan of the brand and feature Motel products on my blog.

You can contact me via my email address or through my blog, which is going through a re-design at the moment (from Tumblr to Blogger!)


Laura x


Yeaaaah my girls!


Hi, nice bikini! can I be added to the updates please?




I'm so excited for spring fashion! Oh and I think that swimsuit is simply gorgeous! I can't wait to find one that I like as well!



I noticed that their swimwear collection was amazing too! If I do end up buying a bikini I shall be going to HM for it.


Nice bikini bottoms, I've loving anything coral coloured at the moment. Hope you manage to book your little getaway!


Thanks for your comment :)


I love the bikini top! Doubt it would flatter a large bust but still soo pretty! That picture of the Saturdays is so cute too, I love Mollie's neon skirt.


Selina, try clove oil - it works. xx


Lovely pic's, roll on the sunshine.


Ah I haven't been in a beach holiday in years and years! Hope you manage to book yourself a girly holiday, you definitely deserve a well earned break.


Can I be added to the update list please.



I love h&m swim wear - i always stock up as the prices are nice too! How's your wisdom toothache? I feel your pain!

Sign me up to motel updates iheartfashionforever@hotmail.co.uk

I heart motel rocks!

Bella xx



Posted on Sarah, I've never actually read any of that Excalibur, but I'm pttrey sure as far as author-inserts hooking up with characters goes, Pete Wisdom was handled a lot better than that creepy guy who married Donna Troy.Matt, I'm with you on that long list of geek things I've never seen. My own list, while different from yours, is equally long and causes me mixed distress and defensiveness.Chris, you actually make me a little sad I missed the 80s/90s comic collecting boom! That Video Jack thing sounds legitimately awesome.Jeff that's a great point, about seeing a Jedi in action. I think watching Obi-Wan's arc is the best part of the prequels, and I would hate for that not to exist. The movies definitely have merit.

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