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February 07, 2012


Sweet Potato Sarah

Just signed the petition, what a great cause :)
That makeup storage is amazing...It puts my "throw everything in bags & draws" system to shame haha.

Jo - Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

The nail polish storage is truly amaaaazing!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Belle du Brighton/ Lauren

Awww don't be stressed! the snow will be gone before we know it and it'll be spring again!
I have signed the petition, and have also sent the link round some ladies on facebook who I know will sign it!
Loving the backpack too, you're right about black looking sleeker for longer! I stupidly bought a white pleather bag from H&M once, it was the perfect shape and style, but I dropped a blue ball point on it in week 2 and it was never the same again! a nice long streak down the front... so pissed off!
Anyway, if you get stressed take 5 minutes out to look at the post secret website... works wonders for me, someone re-reminded me of it when I was trying to take my mind off some horrible news I had at the weekend and it works!

Lots of love xxx


ok i almost fainted when i saw the storage! it is the most beautiful thing ever! *drool* i wish I could be that organized...i always try but it just never happens haha
xoxo Stephi


Thanks Selina! That's brilliant of you. (And I just voted for you in the Company Awards.) LLGxx


Signing the petition now, such a good cause.
Is that your own storage? Wow!


Love that storage photo .... How i wish i had the space! x
Secrets Of A Trolley Dolly.


Wow that make up storage is amazing!

Curella Says

Yesss! Flared jeans are wonderful! I have been wearing my rag & bone ones a lot! :-D Lets make it trendy again... even without the help of Kate moss ha ha


Beautiful photo. ^ ^


I have to agree love the metal collar necklaces!


I love the layered collars/necklace/jumper! Also that bag is so lovely!


I love the backpack!


I need to stop spending and make the most of what I have! More fab storage like that is a good idea!!!

Following xx


Beautiful photo!

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