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I had a scoot around town this evening as I had a return and wanted a little overview of the shops too. I try to go to H&M as much as possible as they always have things in for such a small amount of time and nothing seems to touch the sides in the Bristol stores, despite not stocking the Trend collection. I really want to try the black and yellow fade daisy print matching set! Anyway, I bought a little crop top in Topshop and some conditioner in Superdrug (John Frieda Radiant Red) and was feeling OK but a little wary. It's that scary time of a 5 week month where payday feels close but there's still over a week to go and you never know what might hit! Also I always end up stumbling upon great buys that if I want, I will buy.

As it happens, these aren't too bad! H&M lured me all round with the cute Divided things but then I finally found some gold cuffs! I saw the giant ones a while ago and even spotted the gold hair ponytail cuff (but when do I ever wear my hair up?!), and sadly missed out on the thin gold bracelets a while ago. I spotted these cuffs and bit the bullet with two as you can squeeze them tigher for the perfect fit for your wrists! As I have a peach blazer, I'm going to roll up the sleeves and wear these matching cuffs all spring long for definite, with gold hoops too!

I also had a bit of buyer's guilt about my return! I never have buyers guilt, I believe in treating yourself as you only live once, but I bought another pair of American Apparel riding pants!! I got the Easy Jean with a gift voucher I had from Christmas, which I was hoping would be the denim version of the riding pant but my ordered XS were too small. In the store though the S was massive, another XS was too big, and the XXS was insanely small. What is this crazy sizing! American Apparel's things are all cut slightly differently so I couldn't get a great fitting pair and was thinking they would stretch out anyway as the easy jean are just made of light stretch denim. As I had a return (even though you're not meant to exchange online things in store - eeek more guilt!!), there was nothing else that I could justify the price for and as I had got the jeans with a voucher, I got the navy riding pants instead! They're just as navy as the jeans and riding pants are THE. BEST. Definitely worth the price (though always shop when they have a discount code running - sign up to their emails!). I tried on some jeans in New Look just before too and shopping for jeans/trousers is the worst thing ever!!! Especially when the changing rooms are hot and the denim is stiff and nothing fits and you were wearing tights that you have to keep putting on and taking off.

Haha ramble! I'll try to cure my buyer's guilt by waking up earlier tomorrow to take a photo. Even though there are only so many days in the week that I need to actually get dressed, I don't think two pairs of riding pants is too bad as it's almost like owning two pairs of jeans. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

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