Swim 2012
New buys & Litas!

Glossy Brushes

Hey dollface! Now then, now then, happy March! I've spent the past week off the radar as my wisdom teeth suddenly decided to make a break for it and my cheek swelled right up!! I went to some emergency dentists but they just said they were coming through so I now have a lot of sympathy for teething babies. Waking up after sleeping on that side of my face was agony! They've calmed down a bit today so *touch wood* they'll stop as life has to go on as normal! I went to a few events last week for work and powered through with either pain killers or wine but by the weekend I couldn't chew so no treats for me! A lot of yoghurt and soup.

I'm in a strange bloggers rut where I feel like I read loads and loads of my favourites and loads and loads for work but don't get my teeth into many blog posts nowadays! I think I've subscribed to many snappy bloggers in recent times and not so many wordy ones. Can you recommend any wordy blogs even if they're your own? I love ramble! I've got lots to post about but it's late now as I met my sister for dinner to finally give her her birthday present: American Apparel disco pants! I will live vicariously through her as I have the riding pants and I'm not great at toning things down, as I think disco pants are gorge when paired with things that can normally be quite casual. Also I booked tickets for the Drake and Nicki Minaj day at Wireless!! Also I booked a holiday to Madrid too! Not my beach destination but that can come later in the year and this can just be for party times. Also this week I'm going to the Company blog awards and for my first ever massage (Swedish) and the dentist an hour after (sob!). Also I bought Litas!!! OK enough already, here is the point of this post as I'll go into all of that tomorrow. To be honest it was more of a mental list so I don't forget my head! Wondering what to do with sweet GLOSSYBOXs and their stuffing? Use them as brush stands! Night night sleepy heads xx

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