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March 06, 2012



Have fun at Company! And have even more fun in Madrid - it's meant to be a wonderful city. My wisdom teeth keep being really painful then okay... it's understandable why babies cry! And that's a novel idea for the Glossybox, I use mine to store letters and other products xxx

Belle du Brighton

I love that you always post a nice rambly post when I am doing a late night blog catchup!!
Shame you didn't make it to LDNLunch! I was looking forward to saying herro in person!
I like the glossybox use, I keep meaning to glue-gun three of my feel unique boxes together to make drawers, and pretty them up with some nice wrapping paper or something!
Bet you can't wait for the massage! hopefully the relaxation will last through the dentist :/
I'm a definite rambler in blog posts, I prefer to read blogs when you get to know (kinda!) the person writing, much as I clearly LOVE to see what people wear, I like to know what they get up to whilst wearing it, and everything in between!!


Love glossy box! Kind of amazed at how much stuff you got done while struggling through having your wisdom teeth pulled. AMAZING! Love the vacation spots! Madrid is great, and you should also try to check out Barcelona if you have some extra time in Spain! It's an awesome city!

Check us out at - we love travelling! and style!



Wisdom teeth are awful ain't they & they don't even make you wise! What's all that about?! HoPe you feel better soon & enjoy your massage!


Aww, I hope your jaw feels better - I am NOT looking forward to that part of my 20s!

Those brushes are such a good idea, I usually throw the insides and use the boxes for makeup and other such storage! I'm thinking of partitioning one for my jewellery!

Wordy blogs? This one: and my own, I'm a writer above all so I always find myself rambling in posts! !


Good luck at the Company awards Selina, I popped my vote in for you a few weeks back! Hope you're feeling better (:


aww i hope you feel better, i went through the same thing when mine came out..but i used this orajel numbing stuff just applied it along my gums with a cotton swab and it would take the pain away so that I could work comfortably, maybe you should give it a try...and I really can't wait to see your litas
xoxo Stephi


this is a really great idea! good luck at the company awards! :)


my blog is very ramble-heavy haha. have fun at the awards :)



Haha your post sounds like your so excited by stuff going on! Have a great week.


Can't wait to see you lita's! I am yet to find any to accommodate my giant feet sadly. Your brush stand idea is epic, I'm annoyed that I threw away all the box stuffing now! x


That's such a good idea! I have so many of these boxes all over my room, I usually use them for storing old jewellery or makeup! Xxx

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