Company Style Blogger Awards 2012


Clockwise: Salvita Bralette and Becka Skirt // Gold Rush Dress // Double Cross Dress // Reverse Geo Print Dress // Mint Clutch // Raina Tropical Butterfly Dress // Leopard Passport Cover // Zoe Tropical Butterfly Dress // Raina Aztec Dress // Forever 21 Makeup Bag and Bottles // Eylure 202 Double Lashes // New Look Feather Print Wedges // MAC Viva Glam Nicki // New Look Steve Madden Aztec Wedges // St Moriz Tan // Venom Cut Out Dress // Day Glo Dress

I think I mentioned I'm going to Madrid soon! You know I was dying to book a holiday and after trawling through websites for weeks trying to first find a good Easter deal, we found a cheapie trip to Madrid and plan to partypartyparty!! I have saved my pennies this month to hit the shops just before and get a new outfit for each night, most of which will probably be Motel! Have you seen our new arrivals? An insider note: the new Aztec print is selling extra quickly and won't be replenished for a few weeks so get it while you can!! I have my eye on maybe the Aztec Kimmy Skirt and I loooove the new Tropical Butterfly Print - it reminds me of last year's floral print that I wore to death.

Then I had a cruise around Nasty Gal, which I don't really considering seriously buying from as in the past everything I've ordered has been cheapie China quality and I've heard horrific customs stories. However I love everything bright and neon!!! I'll try and take no little black dresses away as this holiday is really to start off the summer.

I'd have to try on the white Reverse Dress as it looks like a top on the ASOS model but she is 5'10! Any light coloured dresses ring huge alarm bells with me though as someone would definitely spill something on you.

Then there's some wedges from New Look which seem necessary as wedges always remind me of summer! My friends and I all chipped in for one hold suitcase just for shoes and hair products haha! The feather print nude ones are only £25 and come in more colours, I must find them in store ASAP.

I just need to find a cute bag now as I love clutches but they scare me to death! Actually on the weekend I somehow removed the chain strap from my bag and left it behind so had to take it as a clutch bag and it's a miracle I hung onto it all night!! I also wore my Litas and they're slightly more distressed now shall we say, but still fabulous! Isn't it funny how the more we spend on something, the less we use it? When you think about it, it doesn't really make sense! If you have been to Madrid, please tell me your party tips!

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