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March 31, 2012



Madrid is brill, you'll have a great time! I am completely in love with the colour of your nails, so ideal for a holiday!


Your hair is a gorgeous colour, can't believe the dyes are so cheap! I was a similar colour but it kept fading so often I just got fed up, so I'm trying to get back to a light brown now!

Emily @ Wardrobe Block

HAVE FUN BABES! I loved Motel on Thursday and you looked lovely (and so did your hair!!) Have an amazing holiday :)


I NEEEED that pink polish!

Lidia | l is for lidia

You're so lucky that a wash-in colour works on your hair so well, it looks great! :)


Hope you have an amazing time! I love that you are taking 8 dresses for 3 and a half days :D


I am going to Madrid in June and I can't wait!The nail polish colour is lovely, have an amazing holiday


Anne H

I enjoyed reading your blog. I see you offer priceless info. Will definitely come back for more of this.


Hope you have a lovely holiday, I am very jealous!

Maria xxx


you hair and nail colour both look fab! hope your having a great time in madrid!

sita xx


i love the colour of your hair! and have fun in madrid!


Have fun Selina! You deserved a holiday break :) Also love that you have still been using those wash out dyes, your hair colour still looks amazing!


hope yo had a fab holiday x

Female Escorts

Do you use any thing else other than this product to protect your color???


I must say your hair and nails look great. You must of looked amazing in Madrid with that style. Hope you had a great time.

crystal nail files

I had the same situation before my vacation to Greece last summer - I was running around like crazy trying to get it all done. My favorite nail polish is orange red though :) Hope you had loads of fun! I heard Madrid is amazing.

celine  bag

i love the colour of your hair! and have fun in madrid!

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