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March 07, 2012


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I can't believe you got the Jeffrey Campbell Litas! OMG, you are so lucky! I used to kind of not like them because they are so popular with bloggers but now I kind of like them. Charlotte Russe has some ones that look like the Jeffrey Campbells, so I might try and get those because these shoes are too expensive for me.

Oh and I love all of the things you bought. You have a really cute style!


I'm pretty glad (or at least my bank balance is) that I didn't read this post until after getting home from town yesterday!


thanks Selina for your commment :) and i'm so in love with taupe color jc's...aaaaa they're so gorgeous!!!
xoxo Stephi

fritha louise

What a palaver! At least you've finally got them now! I really want a pair but I'm trying not to spend too much money at the moment. Pretty sure I know what size to get when I finally do get some though after reading this post!
Love the ballet flats! I really want some soft pink ones that look like real ballet shoes.


I love them! Perfect colour choice. I'm glad to see you back blogging again :)

Sarah Stickon

OMG those Litas are to die for! Even the box looks good! Lovely :) Hope to see some pics with them on!

Aishling Browne

Wowsers they are gorgeous!! I want a pair so bad! So I'm guessing they're worth the monies?! =)

Following you now btw xx


Your so lucky! I'm on London tommorow and will be very tempted to hunt some litas down!
Lovely blog & good luck for the blogger awards missy!
Follow each other? xxx


I love your inspiration board that you made for your trip! Everything is so cute and colorful! if you like a Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings. you can take a look. tks very much.


Yey you got Lita's! I can totally relate to the sizing. I'm a 5 and my cat Lita's are from Envi in US, they are a US 7.5 and fit perfectly whereas I ordered my spikes in a 5 from Doll Boutique and they sent an 8, which is slightly too big, just a smidge. I just wear thicker little socks in them because by the time I'd got them they had sold out. I love your taupe ones, so classy! xxx

Cabin Crew Shoes

Beautyfull :D really good those Litas

Temporary Staff

Wow..those shoes are real hot, I love those Lita's!

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