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May 24, 2012



Wow! These are amazing, is that a cherry print pattern and sparkly embellishments? I see what you mean about needing the right occasion to wear them.
Liking your new shoe purchase to :)


so funny, i ordered the black ones on tuesday after seeing them on fritha from the fish tank and now you have some as well! they are amazzzing though i hope the black ones look as nice as those! they should come tomorrow so will do a post! xxx


I love your River Island shoes! They are beyond cute! I'm a sucker for embellished shoes, especially when they are pink with a cute print.


Wow great decorations you got there, you are very creative I do sandals but never thought about adding some crystal rocks. Thanks for the tip and please support my page at textme4free.com


Hope this doesn't sound patronising but do u know there are two H&Ms in Bristol? Maybe the other one has the trend section x


Could you post some photos of yourself in the platforms? I'm interested in buying them but since I'm international I can't try on before I order! Thank you!

fritha louise

Shoe snap! Can't wait to see how you style yours :)

Helen Palmer

Please Please do some styles with the wedge trainers I have had mine for about 2 months and they I not worn them once need some HELP!!

Mining Recruitment

I love the boxing shoes! but the other one is stunning, I really like what you did, adding some gems is a great thought! lovely!

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