May Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 21

May Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 22

    22nd. A piece of clothing or jewelry that was a gift

Evening all! This weekend has had loads of great happenings for me which is a bit out of the ordinary as usually I have zero plans unless I'm at home! Yesterday I was working at the Bloggers Boutique event in London, amazingly created and hosted by bloggers Shore, Shope and Amy. It was the perfect mix of a huge, airy, glass bar/restaurant with lots of seating and a host of fantastic brands to browse, including Motel! Motel girls Becky, Taz and I popped to the London showroom (with the most amazing stock of hundreds of Motel things!!) and crammed a rail, press board and collection into a black cab to be there with all the spring trends, and a sneak peek at the coming items and prints. I did a little talk on the prints and key items, but kept it short and sweet as it was great chatting to so many bloggers and seeing old blogging friends of years like Kristabel! Also congratulations to Aisling who won our little competition for a Motel goody bag; very pleased Taz picked her name out of the tote as she is awesome! A huge thank you to Shore, Amy and Shope for being amazing hosts, extremely welcoming and accommodating, and even giving us an incredible goody bag - we were happy girls!

Ahh aren't Becky and Taz total babes to the max!!! Thank you to Camilla for the lovely photo, check out her blog for utter loveliness!

I wore the new Rowena Dress in Fiji Print, which cheekily is my most-loved Zoe Dress but with cut outs at the back! I also wore my Litas and they were absolute comfort for the whole day and journey back, where I finally went into Monki on Carnaby Street (and died of a broken heart that it's not payday yet!) and to The Diner - tattoo and hard milkshake heaven!! Shout out to seeing Hayley on the train too! We had had a great time and the event was such a success, so we went out in Bristol to celebrate straight after to a super humid club with So Solid Crew and Artful Dodger hahaha! It was uncomfirmed where the people on stage ever actually were part of those groups but it was hilarious! Also when we got to my house to throw on some lashes and new outfits, my housemate was back getting changed too and her friend said 'oh my god, I have your shoes too!' about my Litas. She asked me how much mine were (£100) she started boasting about how I must be so gutted as hers were only £30 from Boohoo, and she had no idea what Jeffrey Campbells were but hers were totally the same. Haha! Welllll my friend: they are totally not the same (fake pink plastic with a lower heel and wrong looking platform) and I would much rather walk round in the real deal even if they cost more, which I was happy to pay!! Each to their own I guess, I hope your fashion senses would be tingling if that happened to you about your most beloved items haha!

I spent the day reading magazines in the park, not feeling very hungover at all, and have been sorting my washing and bedroom this afternoon. I left the said park when a baby bird pooed on my arm though - I hope that is good luck as I broke a mirror this week too!!! Don't sit under trees is the new rule! Sharing is caring.

I am sooo excited for the bank holiday this weekend and then it's a month until Wireless, which sadly means I can't see some great Midlands bloggers - of which in the last blogger meet up, I won this Lulu Guinness necklace for being best dressed! That was unexpected! I don't often get bought jewellery or clothing as I have a set thing I'm always looking for, so this is my answer to the question as it's such a lovely prize. It's perfect with my Motel lipstick print body!

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