June 20, 2012


Fiona Hewitt

I stayed in the Confortel in Barcelona, great location we walked basically everywhere, even to the beach (which is so lovely)!! Within easy reach of the bus station etc Not sure on prices as I wasn't paying hehe but it had everything we needed, super clean etc and even a wee rooftop pool! Have fun!! The Sagrada Familia is a must see. love your outfit too xx

Linda Famularcano

Cute outfit! Love the top (^_^) x


Petite Promises

Gorgeous outfit! The colours go so well together!

- Petite Promises


Ah love this outfit a lot!
Hannah xo


LOVELY outfit :) It's beautiful xxx

The Style Box

Loving the bigger photos! :)

Ooohhh you lucky thing, would love to go to Barcelona :)


I love the body!
I stayed in Hotel Inglaterra in Barcelona, it was two seconds away from the Ramblas so a great location. I don't know how expensive it was though, since it was a family holiday.


When you showed us the nail polish in the other post I wasn't really sold but after seeing the nail varnish on I think I'm a neon green convert!

Love the ouftit too, the colour of that maxi is so summery! Hopefully our weather will take note.


LOVE the bigger photos and I love this skirt, is it the one you wore to the Brum Blogger Meet?

Maria xxx


This is probably one of my favorite outfits that you have worn. I really want an outfit like this in my closet. So cute!


GED Online

This is a very beautiful and interesting picture, i enjoyed your article it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!


You look very elegant :) I always like to see bigger photos on a blog.
I stayed in Barcelona last year but I was about 20 minutes- half an hour walk from the city centre. It didn't really matter that much as the metro system is brilliant and half of the places I wanted to go weren't right in the centre anyway such as parc guell.


stunner. total stunner.


I love that maxi! And I really love the bigger photos - definitely better for seeing outfits!

Linda Famularcano

Thank you so much for your comment!! (^_^) x


Ashley Udoh

I love it!!!


I really love your videos for some reason!



you look gorgeous and have given me another way to wear my maxi skirt!


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Wow, eso fue muy interesante. Inspirador, también. Gracias por compartir esta experiencia inspiradora con nosotros. Usted tiene razón, usted realmente salvar vidas. Gran blog, felicidades.

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