June 06, 2012


Sam Hutchinson

You all looked great in those dresses, sounds likes a fab day! xxx


I loved seeing the photos on the motel facebook! So jel of your new friends ;) xxx


Ah the Hollister X Motel photos are awesome hahaha! Swoon.

Anne Meyer

Sounds like you really had a very great Jubilee. And those lads were hit. :)
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I loved seeing the photos on the motel facebook


I loved seeing your tweets from the day, AMAZING


OMG! SO jealous you got to have your photo taken with all them fit blokes!! I wouldn't be able to stand! SWOON!

Emily @ Wardrobe Block

LOVE this! Glad you had a good day... shame about the rain!


LOVING the Motel girls and Hollister boys!! You all look great and it sounds like you had so much fun x

Account Deleted

All of you look great!

Olive Yew

Looks like so much fun with the boys!


I love these photos and it looks like you had some fun ;)

Maria xxx


haha, awesome! You lucky, those boys are seriously hot. I would totally frame that!
You look great as always x

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Panda Bear

Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

Aishling Browne

Ha ha that looks like fun! The dresses look great but, more importantly, so do those six-packs! Wowsers! =P


You all look bloody amazing!!! It's always good to be surrounded by topless men too, even better when it's work. Gutted I couldn't make it over to watch the parade. Anyway you look divine lady xx


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Great that the BoDeans are still making music. Saw them at a KY $1.02 concert at the Uptown in the mid to late 80's. Placed was packed, the band was super tight that night, typical hot+sweaty=great night of rock and roll.

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