I hope you had a fantastic Jubilee weekend! Mine was cut short as I volunteered to hit London on Tuesday for the final Jubilee procession! The Motel interns Katie, Taz and Sarah, student ambassadors Julie and Victoria, and myself were a mini Motel army of patriotic fun! We went armed with stickers, discount cards and only flags to keep us warm, and trooped down to Buckingham palace! Haha yes working in retail can take you to extremes.

We started at the showroom just off Oxford Street so going past Topshop and down Regent Street got a lot of looks and cheers from shoppers! I wanted to make sure Motel was at the Jubilee and what better way than to do a fashion flash mob-style stunt with us all in the famous Zoe Dress that we made in a neon or pastel union jack. A few of us were debating whether we actually would wear the dress over the weekend, but I thought if I saw a girl in the dress in a normal club, I would definitely look! But seeing the photos now, the colours are so lovely and the Zoe Dress is such a great shape that I half wish I did wear it on the weekend! We will definitely get them out for the Olympics!


At one point we were totally swarmed by about 50 tourists who wanted a million photos and we couldn't get away haha! We couldn't get into The Mall at the palace as it was full so we went to Hyde Park and got slightly drenched in the rain! But my favourite part was bumping into the Hollister boys and them calling over to us for photos (like we hadn't noticed them already!); I may need to frame them on my wall! Hellooooo! I definitely pressed those stickers firmly on their chests haha! Can you believe all these guys are from right here in England?

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