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July 06, 2012



Palm shorts, white crop top, wellies, socks, bright mac and hair band for sure =)
Aslong as you can see your socks when you wear the wellies!

Catherine Jones

Hey, so jealous you are going tomorrow! You'll have an ace time! I've been to Wireless twice so I hope I can give you some advice.
My advice would be the wellies as it gets pretty busy and it has been rainy so the ground will get worked into so white would get ruined.
I love the fun mac! I need one of them... I vote the denim shorts so they dont clash with the mac, and any of the tops! Bowler hat sounds cool, I don't think it would get nicked.
As it's not a camping fest there can be a younger vibe. The loos however are just like festival loos :(

Have fun!

Cath x


I like the palm shorts with the white crop top! I think it is such a cute outfit and I'm sure everyone will be complimenting you in it!


I think seen as you're wearing the printed mac go for denim shorts. And I really like the blue palm crop top with them. Have fun.

Sam Hutchinson

If you're going for the printed mac, socks and floral headband I think denim shorts would be the perfect option to keep it looking cool and not overly 'printed' :-) The palm shorts are gorgeous though!


Love, love, love the palm prints - I can imagine wearing the double palm print outfit to somewhere like Coachella (daydreaming!) But the denim shorts and lime crop top would look great with the mac at Wireless. Best be on the safe side and wear wellies! x


Your outfits are so cute! I could never pull any of them off in a million years but I bet you will look super cool


Ditto on the white cropped bustier + palm print shorts. If I could, I'd steal that outfit from you.

But I'll play nice (; x


I love the palm print, looks fab!

Maria xxx


Fab outfits, love them all! xx

LOLO | Luxury Leather Goods

Nice post, love them all!

Aishling Browne

The Aztec socks are super cute! Have a great time at the festival!

celine outlet shop

love them all! xx


I love the palm print top and shorts!


Absolutely loving the palm print top! Going to purchase one of those bandeau tops you said were popular at Motel as well!
Much love! x

fashion story

I loving the palm shorts with the white crop top! I think it is such a cute outfit and loving the dress & perfect for summer evening out.

Minerva Collection

Very cute outfits!

LOLO | Luxury Leather Goods

Nice shorts!

Bookworm Bitch

Basically in love with those denim cute! x


I like the denim short shorts. I know that denims are perfect for printed blouses.


Perfect ! I love this look & your blog is great ! Following you now, would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it !

April@Disco Ball Jewellery

Oh my, I love the shorts. Great choice in outfit. Thanks for sharing. You just gave me an idea on what to wear for my date next week.

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