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A Big Catch Up Part 1

Hello!! Hi! Haaaiii there! My gosh it is dusty around here and I need to clean up and ship shape! I'm sorry I haven't been posting in so long, to be honest I'm not quite sure where the time has gone, what happened to summer! As I have my family and a lot of friends in a different city, it's harder to prioritise time and work around five days a week of actual work! Also a bigger part was that I lost my camera at Wireless, the topic of my last post, so a) I don't have any photos of my outfit (which in the end was a Motel white bralette and high waist denim shorts!) and b) I don't have evidence of the amazing occasion that was Drakeeee! I enjoyed it an insane amount, and we stayed in a gorgeous London apartment for cheapie cheap with a skyline balcony view! I would absolutely go to a festival just for the day again as you walked in feeling super fresh and knew you had a nice bed to go home to so could party all day!

Also this month I went to Barcelona! You might remember I went to Madrid this year too and again my friends and I wanted a holiday destination that was less 18-30 and more party-classy, if that makes sense. We basically didn't want to go somewhere with drunken louts from England! So we booked amazingly cheap flights to Barcelona and a hostel like last time, and off we went! It came around really fast and had me buying heels and lashes literally the day before.

Barcelona is perfect for a girls break! We stayed at the Melon District Hostel which has nothing hostel-y about it apart from that it is student halls in the year. There is mega security and you swipe in and out of everything, and you have a free safe in your room and ensuite so I would never think twice about staying there if you're not into hostels! There was a pool but we went there on the first day and it was just slightly small and awkward, so we spent most of the time off getting lost, nearly turning over rowing boats, lying on the beach and trying to find clubs to go to.

As it was a holiday, I took clothes I wouldn't normally wear to clubs here! It was chance to dress a bit brighter and more fun in my eyes, and despite not being sure of the excessive height of them, my New Look wedges were worn every night! I don't have photos of all my outfits as I did order a new camera but it came on the day I was leaving with no charge and no charger, so here are the two where my friends aren't in them. I'm not sure if they want to be on the blog despite being killer babes, but I do know Sarah was very proud of her socks and sandals look for the whole holiday! I said she had styleee.

The outfit above was from the second night where we went to a little club in La Rambla which the taxi driver warned us not to go to. This is probably because we were all dressed up but actually don't want to go to the commercial places and wanted a little, grimy hole in the wall! I wore a Topshop bra top with skulls on and my American Apparel circle skirt, which makes you feel mega cute! I also wore bright lipstick and lashes throughout the holiday, feeling like a doll!


Then I don't usually mention this here but it was my birthday while I was over there! We were actually flying home on the day at lunch time so we went out the night before, to celebrate my birthday at midnight, to a club called Razzmatazz which was HUGE and had so many rooms, almost like arenas! Never been anywhere with so many people! The music was a strange mix of unknown indie but I flashed around my birthday badges with much happiness on my Motel Janet Playsuit! Now I would neeever usually wear a playsuit but this one as a super low V neckline which makes it damn gorgeous! I would wear tit tape in the day time but I wore a bikini on holiday underneath and it was perfect for a smaller bust as that means it's not really revealing at all (I don't have a lot to reveal!). New favourite!

I also have another exciting happening but I'll have to tell you tomorrow as it's bedtime already! Until then chicklettes, prepare to see alot more around here soon x

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