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I Want It Now: Topshop Show Offs


Happy Saturday y'all! I've had the daytime free today and have ran all my errands, donated a bunch of things to charity, food shopped, had my nails done, and now I'm sat with a face mask on! Very different to yesterday when myself and all the Motel girls were at London Fashion Week!

As our office for the Motel Rocks website (which has had an incredibleee makeover!) is in Bristol, we only went up to London for one day to get as much coverage as possible, and along with fellow office babes Lora, Sophie and Fran, there was a host of street teamers wearing Motel and style snapping too! I always recruit a big team so we have a little Motel army everywhere at Somerset House ready to capture everything!

We plan things MONTHS in advance at work (Christmas is under way already!) and so I've been thinking towards fashion week for ages, but only decided on my outfit the night before. As the Motel warehouse is in the Midlands, we excitedly order our favourites that we want to buy in the post too so I got a few things sent and settled on this matching crop top and skirt! The Carie Crop has straps that cross at the back so it's quite a unique shape from the from, and Kadie Skirts are super flattering circle skirts - I have the black too and there's a really cute one with stud crosses on!

I am a lover of crop tops and skirts, especially with Litas/any lace up boots, but I think I did subconsciously get this outfit idea because Tulisa wore it on an Alan Carr show! She's been wearing a tonne of Motel recently, but I love the New World print anyway as it mixes the cool lilac pastels with warmer orange and yellow. I borrowed this outfit as samples but I might keep it!

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I also wore my new River Island leopard rucksack to clash prints - I got it as my pay day treat as I've been using my faux leather Topshop one for about 6 months! I of course wore my Litas too for comfort and I put on the H&M hat throughout the day as it got so sunny!

The first day always starts off quite calmly and I'd say this year there were fewer extreme outfits where people might showcase an insane hat of their own design or crazy shoes. There seemed to be a lot of random people who may have just stumbled across Somerset House and came in to have a look (including the best looking homeless guy we've ever seen who started talking to us), but of course there were also the masses of photographers, show go-ers and general fashionable people. 

We were on high alert for celebrity spots as I managed to meet (and lurk all over) Pixie Lott last season, and we soon spotted Jameela Jamil! She was tied up by a random film crew and there was almost a little queue of people waiting to talk to her, but she said she loved my outfit and loved Motel - her first TV outfit was Motel apparently! Then we had a photo and I said 'see you soon!' haha no idea why, I was a bit star struck?! We also nearly got mowed down by the paparazzi stampede following Kelly Brooke; it was almost dangerous!

I also hung out with great bloggers Lily, Stella, Camille, Laura, Dina, Natalie, Rosie (are there any bloggers I haven't met yet?!), and a special shout out to Anouska (and her bf photographer!) who it was amazing to finally meet - one of the best bloggers to work with and such a friendly, humble girl!!

And here are a few little snaps of the day! I'd tell anyone to just get dressed up, go down and see who you meet and who you spot! It's also a great opportunity to hopefully get some professional photos of yourself, especially if like me you are not talented at taking good blog photos! Just make sure you ask for the details or a card of everyone who snaps you. I wish we were there for more days but it was hard enough to decide on one outfit!

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