Cuff It
To Be Continued...


I have a new obsession with white nails. I think I have gone through the entire rainbow of nail colours and now I am back to white - and I can't think of anything else I'd rather have! Literally no other colour appeals to me. Have you been liking any colours for autumn?

At first I thought stark white may look like tippex but when you pay enough money at the nail salon to get truly perfect nails (expensive habit!), you might as well choose a colour that really shows that off. I expect white is a hard colour to get right if you paint your own nails but on gels/acrylics they look great, even if they are nail destroyers! The nail person may be confused that you want white nails, not white tips though - the lady doing mine said 'White...... really?' when I said it, haha!

The white really sets off any jewellery and gives an eye-catching flash of nails without being a bright, in-your-face colour. I love the white with pastels and have been wearing this Topshop ring I got years ago in a Freedom sale and constantly wearing these cute Miss Selfridge heart knuckle/midi rings too! The heart actually fell off one so I wear that plain now, but I am on a huge jewellery kick at the moment and want some more knuckle rings. I think it's because I'm trying hard not to spend a lot on clothes so maybe jewellery can update my wardrobe a little. Here's hoping!

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