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Recent pre-autumn buys

Here are a few things I've bought in the past couple of weeks - not a huge amount but each has a special place in my wardrobe heart! I can't wait until next week for pay day to hopefully see if I can buy maybe a new clothing treat - I'm hankering after a gorgeous jumper!

I've mentioned this before but I had my eye on this River Island rucksack for a while but was waiting for any more to pop up. New Look do have a slightly similar and slightly cheaper one but I really like the square flap and front pocket on this and the leather straps. However the drawstring is a piece of rope which looks cool but you have to tie it physically in a knot each time you close the bag, so it's not great if you're paying for something quickly or trying to grab your phone! Also there are no zipped inside pockets so finding anything is a bit of a 'mare. Things get very lost at the bottom!

I'm going to take up the Topshop 3-pairs-for-£8 deal on socks as they have by far the best high-street socks and I'm a bit obsessed with them in ankle boots, creepers or with flats, worn over plain black tights. Cosy, practical and cute - win!

This is the MUA £1 lip pencil my sister recommended - it comes out as a matte rich red/plum colour so very on trend for gothic berry lips this season. It stays put all day too and is much less smudge-friendly than lipstick. And there's  sharpener in the lid! What an ultimate bargain.

I also have a couple of things from some new cross items we have at Motel, and thank you to everyone who helped me decide which dress to wear out on Friday! I put the options out on Twitter because I have no girly opinions in the house I live in now and just couldn't decide. In the end I went with the dress that fitted the best, which I think is a good rule of thumb as you will always look your best if you have the right underwear for what you are wearing and if it fits well. I wore the Zena Dress which yes I already own the same shape in now around 9 different prints and colours! The neckline is seriously flattering so I know they'll just work. Also the Zenas are now a little longer and thicker than your average Motel dress, yay! 

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