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Hi lovelies! I've had a really productive Monday calmly working through my to-do list, and I have a wee outfit to share from the weekend! I took the chance to go home and usually I'll team it with a night out, but I stayed in with family to make the most of it and relax! I wouldn't advise all graduates to move away from home so quickly as it really is hard to fit in time to see and do everything in a short weekend at home!

My Mom has recently moved so I timed it with my sister visiting her too so we could have a catch up and gossip - and she gave me my belated birthday present of a MAC lipstick and a lush body butter! I cannot tell you how VERY little makeup I have bought in the past 3 months at least, and how many things I've hit the metal pan of! I'm still awaiting this damn camera charger lead in the post so I'll definitely be making makeup videos again ASAP.

It was a rather hot weekend but I have some stubborn tan streaks again so I brought my non-fuss H&M net skirt home and a few bralettes. Everyone thinks this skirt is American Apparel but it was only around £15 about a year ago! My hair looks slightly purple but it is just a bright red.

Motel bralettes, H&M Skirt, Topshop studded flats

I had a busy week with a trip to London for a My Celebrity Fashion event, and there is another this week for fashion week! I'm going to wear something crazy, I have decided! Motel's SS13 range definitely has some beauties. Also I want to shout out to a really lovely and impeccably gorgeous blogger I met at the MCF event called Henriette, check out her YouTube channel too! Sometimes I forget I'm Flying Saucer Selina and well as Motel Selina when someone says they know my blog haha. Here's to a great (and very fast!) week x

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