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October 18, 2012



you look so good! and i love how you unsexified it with flatforms. a girl after my own heart <3

Im so glad small blggers like you still get freebies coz I feel like the big bloggers sound like walking talking ads with the freebies they get eg. the recent spread of the red Valentino rockstud pumps circulating on all the big blogs... all a bit yawn to me


I love this dress on you, the shape is amazing!

Maria xxx


Oh Selina damn you, you always look so good!


you look stunning as usual! i wish i could do my hair the same as you but i don't have the skills haha! i am so so tempted to get this dress because it's absolutely up my street but i'm just a bit worried because of the shoulder thing, that i mentioned last time, i'm a ten but i guess i have fairly broad shoulders and last time i ordered the debbie dress in a medium it still felt soo tight across the top and i'm worried to pull the stitching because if it still isn't comfortable i won't be able to return it. but i think a large would be silly on my body. ohh decisions! anyway sorry for rambling, great post and it sounds like you had an awesome weekend! xxx

Style Eyes

Sounds like a fun weekend. Your hair and dress both look amazing!


You look so amazing! You are working that dress! I love your straightener, by the way. It's so pretty and pink!


You look stunning, that's dress is lovely.
I love the pink on the straighteners and I find it easier to curl with straighteners most of the time.

Miss drifted Snow White

You look gorgeous!!!


Just stumbled across your blog and love it! You've got some major style and love your hair :) x



Love the dress. Gorgeous hair!


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James Perkins

You look great! Those curls made you look so young! It must be hard keeping the limo ride a surprise. You must have felt so excited to break the news! I guess everyone was so pleased and happy with the surprise.

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i think you like off-shoulder dress. I have read your blogs for months and i think off-shoulder go along with you.

six senses

love the way you dress. it is simple. it makes you become friendly

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