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Motel Rocks Deborah Dress, River Island flatforms, New Look leopard socks

Hi guys! It now seems like years ago but I visited home on the weekend and always have a lovely time. I don't go very often as it's so expensive so I try to fit in seeing as many people as possible! On the Friday night I visited my Mom's newish house in a small, pretty town and my sister over came that night too when I dyed her hair. I had two rather exciting things to try/wear on the Saturday as it was my oldest/longest friend's birthday and I was taking her for dinner and then getting a limo for a pub crawl with everyone! The limo was a surprise and it took all my willpower not to mention it while we were eating and shopping!


I got up at about 8am because I was really excited to get ready for a night/day out as the day before I was ecstatic to receive the Cherry Blossom GHD styler! The cherry pink makeover supports Breakthough Breast Cancer so I donated the £10 too as these were given to me as a gift to show you guys. The styler is set to create any hair for any occasion but of course my favourite is the party hair as I am all for big, bouncy curls with height!

Whenever I go to the hair dressers, they blow dry my hair straight and then curl it with straighteners, so the curls simply drop out after an hour. On Saturday I styled my hair normally where I dry sections around a round brush so they have waves, like in the left picture. I was dubious as to whether the styler would add weight to my hair or cause curls to drop out, but it set and smoothed the curls, removing any frizz! There are lots of YouTube videos of how to curl your hair using straighteners, basically twisting them around and then pulling through at an even pace. I can safely say the curls lasted all day too and have a much sleeker, more shiny finish than using my usual conical wand. I'm a convert, I've never had expensive hair tools!

The styler itself is of course divine, with hot pink plates and polka dots, and instead of the mini red light, the 'on' button is a lit up pink ghd logo! They make you feel glamorous just holding them; my first 'grown up' straighteners. They have a handy bag too with a heat protecting department so you can throw them in while the straighteners are still hot - great when I then have to throw on my dress and dash off!

As for my outfit, I didn't want to share this over the weekend as the dress sold out straight away! It's the Deborah Dress from Motel Rocks and the black and red flew off the website so they were restocked quickly - get yours now before they sell out again! I think it's the perfecttt dress to be subtle and 'covered' but flash an understated bit of shoulder and leg for a sexy hint. I was meeting my friend in the afternoon so I teamed the dress with River Island flatforms and leopard socks! I would have worn creepers but I ordered a new River Island pair and they hadn't arrived yet, sob! The dress is so flattering as long sleeved, bodycon fits always are, and now Motel dresses are a little longer too, woo! I also wore the new Kate Moss red lipstick in 111 - loving red lips right now with red hair! x

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