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Another outfit post, I'm on a roll again! These photos were taken by Sophie at Motel (thank you!) - we are really getting into the swing of taking snaps now and should be bringing them to you regularly woo. I get such tripod and self-portrait troubles that I find it so hard to take a photo of myself in my room!

These were taken this week when I wore my American Apparel Riding Pants, which I wear probably at least once a week in blue or black. After feeling like skinny jeans would be a bit too casual for the office and for my daily outfits, these are almost like the most perfectly fitting jeggings. They're pricey at a high £64, but the wear you get is huge and I got both of mine when they had a 30% or 20% discount. A tip for shopping is to look for discounts around payday - retailers will always have something to offer at the end of the month!

I'm standing a bit twisted here but the Riding Pants are super comfy - I wear a Small and they fit perfectly. American Apparel sizing can vary so I would try on a few of the same size to get the perfect pair - they may all be ever so slightly different!

I wore my off shoulder lace top from webshop Tobi too, which is no suprise as the only tops I seem to be wearing ever right now are off shoulder ones!! I think I signed up to Tobi emails randomly, and almost every day they will send out their New Arrivals with 30% off for one week. It's quite strange to discount your newest stock but I guess that is how they test the market, and I always scan their emails. I'm pretty sure they had a 50% off day so I ordered this top and a dress, but the dress was a polyester monster. Sites like Tobi will buy wholesale stock from the east and sell it all together under their website roof, so it's always hit and miss when ordering. I don't really like buying from places like that as they are so unpredictable, and that was definitely confirmed by the mixed order. The bright side is that I love this top though and have worn it loads since I got it in August. They don't have it online now but they do have other pastel off-shoulder things.

And that is generally often what I wear to work! I must admit though, I do undo the top button of the pants when I'm sitting at my desk all day - those things are like spanx!

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