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October 20, 2012



You look so stylish! Love this look!



You look so beautiful! Love the whole outfit! x


You make the outfit looks so effortless! Beautiful :) I'm intrigued by the Toby website. Were you able to return the dress without any hassle? x

Style Eyes

Beautiful photographs. The trousers look great.

I am glad I am not the only one who has to undo the top button of trousers when sitting down all day!


loving a bit of off the shoulder right now - you look amazing xxxx


Great and simple look, those kind of pants are really great, and I bet they are comfy too! xx


That top looks great on you - I know what you mean about trying to take self portraits - I'm a bit rubbish at it and always terrified the camera is going to fall off the tripod!


hi! I happened to found online yesterday that jsshan released their 2012 autumn and winter collection of formal dresses.

Linda Famularcano

Check out that tiny waist of yours!
Love your top xx


men styles

Really lovely!!!
Evening true personality with this shirt.
you will stand out and attract

six senses

i think you are beautiful with off-shoulder shirt

hair salons

there are three colors that go well with each others on you. i love the way you dress. it is simple that i can try on some occasion

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