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Nails Of The Week 21

I haven't had my nails done in sooo long and on Saturday I had a major pamper day of getting my eyebrows, nails and even makeup done. You know I'm a big fan of MAC makeovers as you get such value for money, and I really needed a few new ideas as my routine was becoming dull! A much needed refresh after four months of buying none.

I've moved house finally to somewhere lovely and bustling, so I popped to my new local salon and immediately found OPI Blue My Mind, perfect for my Ariel Halloween costume! Most colours do look good on fake nails but the metallic blue is very polished and makes your nails petite and rather aquatic! I'm going to get a berry red version next time, but for now the blue is perfect with red lips!

It's approaching the busiest season at work so I'm gearing up for the action - bring it on! I'll be keeping up with my blogging of course and hopefully will have lots to share x

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