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Cropz and Shortz

Hi babydolls! Ooh I am very inspired at the moment, veeery inspired! I can think of around a thousand blog posts I want to write so I shall; sorry for spamming your feeds!

I wore my Motel Diana off shoulder top for the first time this week and felt rather '90s! It has suddenly got really chilly but I braved my trusty H&M denim shorts with tights and added my H&M dream catcher necklace to keep it grungy. I just sold my creepers on eBay as they were still far too big and very heavy, but I saw a girl wearing some a few weeks ago with black tights and bright white ankle socks and the look has stuck with me! I've been trekking the shops and by far the nicest high-street creepers I've found are these below from River Island, with a soft sole rather than pleated sole. They are only £35 so I'm trying to get any student friends to visit the shop with me to use the 20% off discount in this month's Company magazine! I also need to stock up on frilly white socks and these thick, fold-over socks from Topshop - their sock department is one of the only reasons I go in! New Look have cheap creepers but they didn't have my size, sob!

My sister works at Superdrug and she told me about a 99p MUA lip pencil in a deep plum colour which I snapped up on the weekend - really should have worn it with this outfit! I think I am starting a new obsession with lip pencils as they are much less maintenance than a lipstick and much cheaper! I always find lipsticks never look like the colour you think they will so it's a gamble each time. Here is my perfect outfit if I was a rich girl, na na na na na.... I'm lusting after great value bracelets and cheap and cheerful hoops to supplement all my existing clobber.

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To Be Continued...

Now I've done some funny things in my time in the name of DIY but not for a good few years. Some how tonight though I've found myself with black fingers, floors, and walls thanks to a strange quest to dye my shoes!

This all started because a) I can't seem to find a pair of nice heels anywhere without a stiletto heel and b) I don't want to be spending lots of money right now. I have these grey Miss Selfridge shoes which are very chunky and comfy, and have these amazing giant bows and a pink lining. However they are definitely worn now and the fabric was very marked and dirty beyond repair. Never fear though, I have decided to make them black!

I first tried shoe polish but that wasn't dark enough, and I was going to paint them with fabric paint but Wilkinsons only had packet dye. Well at £2.99 you can't go wrong, so I ignored the instructions and skipped the gloves, and chose basically the largest yet smallest bowl I could find! I am turning the shoes around every few minutes so they are evenly covered and they are looking pretty good despite there being huge puddles of dye inside each shoe. Progress TBC... let's hope I can wear them on Friday night!


I have a new obsession with white nails. I think I have gone through the entire rainbow of nail colours and now I am back to white - and I can't think of anything else I'd rather have! Literally no other colour appeals to me. Have you been liking any colours for autumn?

At first I thought stark white may look like tippex but when you pay enough money at the nail salon to get truly perfect nails (expensive habit!), you might as well choose a colour that really shows that off. I expect white is a hard colour to get right if you paint your own nails but on gels/acrylics they look great, even if they are nail destroyers! The nail person may be confused that you want white nails, not white tips though - the lady doing mine said 'White...... really?' when I said it, haha!

The white really sets off any jewellery and gives an eye-catching flash of nails without being a bright, in-your-face colour. I love the white with pastels and have been wearing this Topshop ring I got years ago in a Freedom sale and constantly wearing these cute Miss Selfridge heart knuckle/midi rings too! The heart actually fell off one so I wear that plain now, but I am on a huge jewellery kick at the moment and want some more knuckle rings. I think it's because I'm trying hard not to spend a lot on clothes so maybe jewellery can update my wardrobe a little. Here's hoping!

Cuff It


My camera charger STILL isn't here!! I'm hoping it will arrive this week so I can take some photos and make videos; I've rearranged my shoebox room so now it is more of a cupboard and I have photo space, woo!

So right now I'm thinking about all the things I'm lusting after rather than things I can show you, and right now I'm thinking of cuffs. When I'm scrolling through Tumblr, my eye instantly goes to wrists and arms, and I'm really after a beautiful cuff. Ideally it would sit up a little higher than your wrist and at first may look like a few bracelets. The first few are rather out of my price range like the clothing at Avenue 32 but I love the black stones in the first cuff, and idealy I'd like the slim central line of the second. Alternatives are the simple ASOS banded or Mango clustered ones but they might not make enough of a statement, so I'm thinking about mixing in a cross like the plain Rock n Rose bracelet or ASOS link bracelet. I'm not sure if I'm bored of crosses and the whole soft goth trend as what else are we going to wear all winter if we tire of studs?!

Obsessed with: Off shoulder

I am wholeheartedly obsessed with off the shoulder things right now, partially because you cannot find them anywhere! I'm hoping a shop will come out with a range of different coloured tops in a basics range like most stores did with simple crop tops this summer. The off shoulder crop tops and dresses are finally at Motel Rocks and I have got my mitts on four different things... well, slightly different! The dresses are actually slightly longer now (hurrah!) so I'm hoping to wear the long sleeved Deborah Dress this weekend, although I wish I had some new shoes to go with it!

I also have the Diana and Debbie tops as I never really spend very much on fancy tops as you can't seem to get the wear out of them. The last time I did was a studded crop top from Topshop where all the studs fell off! I don't think Motel can be too expensive as there are always discount codes around and of course treats on the Facebook page! Also it's a great time to get some mates rates if you know any students and can borrow their student cards; I saw 20% off River Island in this month's Company mag!

And I have the really cute Debbie floral dress which I could wear for day with maybe a hat and ankle boots after I've worn it out a few times. If you find the shoulders quite tight of the tops you can just pull the stitching once and then they are very comfortable, and a great alternative so any neckline. My next neckline quest is high/roll neck tops - look out, I'm thinking of investing in a Zabby Dress!

I Want It Now: Topshop Show Offs

Oh holey moley, I love these shoes!!! I saw them on the Topshop website at the beginning of August and dubbed them as THE pay day purchase. I was biding my time as was very excited for a pay day shopping spree in Merry Hill in the Midlands - the kind of shopping trip where you really want to find something you LOVE and will let yourself get anything. Well I did not realise that nowadays Merry Hill is actually a rather small shopping centre and I saw nothing I loved, BUT I did find The Shoes. Yay!

Sadly the shoes were on the dreaded 'Last Chance To Buy' shelf and both were a size 4, as apparently they were just pairs returned to the store. Gutted! The nude pair are just beautiful, in more of a creamy colour rather than a pink colour, but if I did purchase them it would have to be the black so they wouldn't look dirty easily. They are extremely high but I've had a life-long love affair with Mary Janes and could wear these all season until they broke. As long as a shoe is really high, they will be fierce even if they are girly.

Alas I have not since had funds to purchase them, especially as I'm not hitting the town each week like a student, but I will keep my eye on them in case I have a sudden windfall.