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My New (Old) Beauty Tower

Hi all! I hope you are rather swell, as am I right now; I've been looking through the Victoria Secret runway show images and loving being a girl! I'm super girly across basically everything I do and moving house meant I had a new room to decorate, which is rather exciting. I'm constantly browsing Achica and Dolly Bow Bow in my lunch break dreaming of new bedding and kitsch bits!

I would like to have a clutter free, bare bedroom with a few scattered candles, but when you rent just one room, most things you own are in one space! I had these Argos shelves in my old house but only had a few layers up, but this time I knew I wanted to make it a super tall tower of beauty, hair and accessories!

The shelves are the easiest DIY set as you just twist on the poles by hand, it's not very heavy, and you can have as many layers as you want. I have kept most things in a few recycled Glossybox's from work as its easy to just chuck things in. If you have to keep arranging your things neatly, it will never stay that way!

After a few months of using things up and not replenishing my collections, I feel I've got a more manageable stash of perfumes, hair products and body moisturisers, eventually just working my way down to my key favourites! Not so sure that will happen any time soon!


Nails Of The Week 21

I haven't had my nails done in sooo long and on Saturday I had a major pamper day of getting my eyebrows, nails and even makeup done. You know I'm a big fan of MAC makeovers as you get such value for money, and I really needed a few new ideas as my routine was becoming dull! A much needed refresh after four months of buying none.

I've moved house finally to somewhere lovely and bustling, so I popped to my new local salon and immediately found OPI Blue My Mind, perfect for my Ariel Halloween costume! Most colours do look good on fake nails but the metallic blue is very polished and makes your nails petite and rather aquatic! I'm going to get a berry red version next time, but for now the blue is perfect with red lips!

It's approaching the busiest season at work so I'm gearing up for the action - bring it on! I'll be keeping up with my blogging of course and hopefully will have lots to share x