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Topshop Tartan

How disappointed I was when I went into River Island and scooped up the lust-worthy skater skirts of dreams and found even the size 6 was droopy and boring on! What a shame! I love skater skirts and despite having a bunch, I was very keen to get another but alas the fit was not meant to be. I love fuller, more structured skater skirts and spied this Topshop tartan skirt while I was browsing and trying on a few things. The fit is extremely flattering with a full 'poof' from the waist as it has a little underskirt layer. It's perfect with the polo neck crop tops that they've brought out in loads of colours - I nabbed a white one when they had sold out but now they have loads of colours! I got the black too but should have waited and maybe got a dress. The tops themselves are quite long so don't always come up super cropped, but I roll them under a little.
I'm still spending less and saving more but I have had a few buys this month which I'll show you soon! Half of the things I got I ended up returning so the things I have kept I really love. I really want a black rose headband that isn't huge or really long so if you see any, do let me know! x