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Kitty Rug!

I'm absolutely cream crackered (knackered yah!) this week - the run up to Christmas is getting faster! I've surprising done 90% of my shopping and can't wait to wrap it all calmly. I am a terrible wrapper so it will take some time and effort! I'm having trouble with guy gifts though so I'm getting my paws on any sort of gift guide. Speaking of paws, I just had to show you my new H&M rug!

I left a little corner of my bed in the snap so I could show you how big it is, and it was a grand total of £3.99! Amazing! It's probably made for a kid's room but I love it, it's so cheery. Sadly you all love it too but it seems to be sold out on H&M online, boo! Their delivery takes a while but they are a decent website to use and have am amazing host of reasonably-priced homewear. Wipe away your tears as I've pulled together a selection of other gorgeous pieces, including a cupcake rug/bath mat and a classic heart print bedspread. Along with the kitty rug, I ordered the heart double bed set of the bedding too but that sadly also seems to be sold out now. Alas now we know, order from H&M quickly if you see something you like! Also they don't list their sale items in normal categories, so don't forget to check the sale tab for extra items!

Mickey Mouse double duvet set, Velvet floral cushion cover, Shoe guest towels, Flamingo double duvet set, Feather cushion cover, Hearts single duvet setMinnie Mouse bath matRabbit cushion cover, Owl guest towels.

Skater Skirt Nights

I've had a week that seemed to never end, with the Motel staff party on Wednesday (woah - there are stories never to be shared!) and a fab night out on Friday with dancing to the best (not the cheesiest) of the '90s. I've been casually Christmas shopping but honestly nothing has taken my own fancy, despite wanting some heels. On Thursday ASOS were offering free next day shipping - and let's face it, almost every retailer will be offering it in the coming week - and I nabbed a dress I was thinking about all day.

ASOS Dress, Topshop socks, River Island Creepers, Vintage bag

I've shifted my style recently so that when I go out at night, it is a chance to wear a few trends to the max, as I often buy cool accessories and lipsticks and headbands but don't get to do them justice when I'm doing my daily rush. Before I was strictly bodycon at night, but now I'm so happy to wear flats, socks, skater skirts or shorts, and just have a good old dance. It's probably because Bristol isn't all about the glamour and also I don't like putting tonnes of pressure on a night now. I've always been one to care about my hair and makeup a bit more too.

However I was wanting a fresh injection in my wardrobe and this ASOS dress caught my eye because a) I love a good waist cut out, b) the double straps were mighty cute, and c) it has a gorgeous skater skirt that is made of twirling and dancing around in. I was concerned that it is classed in the petite range but as you can see, it's not short on me, so I reckon it would be knee length on a petite girl. It should be a bit tighter but I got an 8, and it is quite loose on the waist, so I would just get your normal size! They have it in red which would be absolutely lovely for Christmas, but would totally clash with my hair, so black was my choice! I know I can wear this at night and then it can transfer to daytime too with tights, so it should fare me well! I added creepers and socks for a '90s nod too. Girl Power!