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Nails Of The Week 26: An Old Favourite and a New Ring

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We did a photoshoot today at work so I got photo babe Lora to snap these photos! In however many years I've been buying my own clothes, I'm not sure if I have ever owned a proper pinafore! Not one with buttons or straps or a classic square neckline. This Miss Selfridge one is the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on! It's also a soft knitted material so wearing it is total comfort, especially for me at a desk most of the day. I think it looks best with an off shoulder top, but I might try a polo top too. The socks were for the photoshoot, but when the sun comes I will be busting these babies out!

I've got a couple of days off work next week and this Saturday I'm seeing Girls Aloud with Fritha and Kristabel! I am SO exciteddd, I've been listening to their old school tunes non-stop and know it will be a super girly atmosphere. Also it's a chance to hit London and of course super lashes too!

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