Nails Of The Week 27: White
Wishing, Wanting, Wearing

Me Time!

I am in a zone of calm and zen like no other! I have not truly, extravagantly pampered myself in months, maybe even years; no activity has been purely about relaxing and just feeling great. I've done the whole hair wash/buff/tan routine a million times but tonight I took my time and felt like that lady of leisure I wish I was!

I know a lot of bloggers use a pic-n-mix of products but I have a few fail-safe favourites and don't buy more than those. I can't really afford to try products in case I don't like them, but I needed a new conditioner and splashed out on the Lee Stafford conditioner with argan oil. I have a hair mask below already and I prefer serum to oil, so the oil already in with the conditioner seemed a bonus and Lee Stafford was at the Motel Christmas party so I am fond of the brand! His fiancee is the incredibly hot lady from The Real Hustle and I found myself talking to her and wondering how I knew her... I love a celeb spot! 

I went to Boots at lunch today with Lora, my fellow beauty junkie at Motel HQ, and fabulous intern Holly who is always a ray of sunshine in the office. The 3-for-2 deals called us all and the recent VO5 adverts make me seriously want the promised smooth hair, so I got this conditioner in with the deal. Got2b have repackaged their hairspray too and this has been my favourite for years! It smells like raspberries!

The Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm is a repurchase after I used every scrap of the first pot I bought. I was about to buy The Sanctuary HC Cleanser again but I saw Lily review this and it sounded even better. It feels very heavy and thick and I wondered if a parade of spots was on the horizon, but my skin is just as blemish-free as with The Sanctuary cleanser and this gives your skin a serious moisture boost. I don't scrub my face dry with the cloth, I leave a little of the balm on and let it sink in for plump, healthy skin. Your foundation goes on a dream! My skin was calling for this during the colder months so I'm not sure how it will fare if we ever get any sun! Hopefully hydrating my skin with this will mean less oil, not more when the weather gets hotter.

Once a week, if I know I am going to wash my hair that night, I will slather on a generous amount of the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm from root to tip as soon as I get home (I don't get oily hair so the roots are fine). By the time I come to wash my hair, it has soaked in and you barely need conditioner. It works! My hair is definitely much softer and more hydrated, and I haven't had a trim since October and my hair still looks fine!

If I'm feeling fancy but want ultimate calm, I love this Seascape body butter that absolutely radiates the most natural lavender smell, like your are rubbing yourself with the real thing. It is rich but spreads evenly and lightly and I like just how white it is, adding to the fresh, clean vibes. If I am tanning, I'll just use this on my ankles, elbows, knees and wrists. Lush!

As I am doing some serious eBaying at the moment, I impulsed one night on the cult Crest White Strips and can confirm they really do work! They are just little stickers covered in a thin layer of gel and you put them over your top and bottom teeth, then whip them off 30 minutes later! Your teeth instantly look smooth and bright, and a few uses make a noticeable difference.

A bath is the ultimate luxury for me as I never have any time and I find the water has to be just the right temperature so you don't feel freezing when you get out! Sometimes I get too hot in baths and it's not fun anymore, just humid! I had The Enchanter bath bomb from Lush sitting pretty for a while on my shelf and today was the day to bust it out in all its citrus glory. The pink centre is the nicest surprise!

All of this pampering was not in vain as one of my bezzies is coming to visit tomorrow and I wanted to kick off the weekend with a girly night of treats. Now I feel a hundred bucks!

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