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Motel AW13 Press Day!

Hey yall! It's been a long week for me and I am looking forward to a calm weekend which starts NOW! I've been in bed with a cup of tea and my laptop since I woke up (with no alarm, just naturally!) and I'm catching up with lots of Youtube videos and writing this wee blog post for you. On Wednesday I was in London for the Motel AW13 Press Day and we decided to not just invite bloggers but have a special evening preview where we brought in a henna artist and Colour Xtreme for crazy hair dyes!

The press day showcases our future collection to stylists and editors as often they need to create all of the outfits for their autumn projects this early in advance. This is also how soon our designers will create collections and usually they will produce just one real life version of each item they have designed, which are the 'samples' above. Then our merchandisers and buyers decide which will sell the best and order different amounts of each style, and our factories get to work printing and sewing them, maybe with a few tweaks like a new button or bigger zip. Then our photography team will find a bunch of beach babes in Bali for our lookbook and at my office we decide how best to show you all the new trends and prints we have coming up. By now the editors and stylists who saw the items on our press day will be publishing their magazines featuring the items, just in time for them to be delivered to our warehouse so you can buy them from MotelRocks.com! That's when I come in and share our new things on social media and to bloggers across the world. Phew!

So that is why we have a press day, but also it's a lot of FUN! This season we definitely celebrated the brand as Motel was born in the '90s and our latest collections are heavily influenced by the cult decade. Enter our total time warp with a '90s bedroom set-up complete with a rainbow bed, blow up chair, lava lamp and television set with Spice World: The Movie on repeat! I went slightly retro with the floral Catalina Dress in the new Flower Buzz Print and a silver gem on my face, and dialed a few boys on Dream Phone, which my sister and I loved to play way-back-when! It's like Guess Who but you need to find out which boy fancies you by ringing some up and using the clues they tell you. Each boy comes with a photo and their hairstyles are hilarious!

There were also Rainbow Drops, pic-n-mix and flying saucers (holla!), and I was a bit young back then to appreciate Hooch but I did end the day with a slush puppy! 

As for the clothes, I have to be very careful with Motel as if I like anything, I usually buy it. If I went shopping on the high-street and bought everything I simply liked, I'd be bankrupt! So I need to have the same attitude to Motel and not buy all the things that catch my eye, just going for the favourites only. Things I'm liking are a flash of ethnic prints like the paisley and mandala patterns, in rich colours for autumn time like plum and turquoise.

I wasn't sure I would have time for henna but the lady was super speedy and I got a full hand on the left, with Motel girl Megan's pretty hand on the right. I love it! It could be something you could try yourself as the pattern doesn't have to be perfect, although if you mess up then your hand will be stained so you have to be accurate. The henna artist told me to put Vic's over it at night as it heats up and makes the colour darker so I may do that to prolong the tattoo!

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