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April 13, 2013



AHhh looks so much fun! I love doing henna for people, that looks gorgeous!


I love this idea, you guys did so well! I saw lots of girls at the AX Circus rocking the Henna and coloured hair - so cute. Gosh, I remember playing Dream Phone, haha. I also had a blow up chair in my room!


Oh, I love your outfit and the henna! I've always wanted to try that. Honestly, I can't get over how awesome Motel's new collections are at the moment (I've got a fair few wishlist collages on the blog of my favourite pieces) and so I can't wait to see what else comes out soon! Now I'm totally in the mood to watch the Spiceworld movie hahaha it really has been YEARS since I've seen that... but never heard of Dream Phone! xxx



Aww looks amazing! I love all things 90s and henna tattoos were a big part of them for me, I used to go to southall all the time to buy henna tubes and decorate myself and friends! Wish I could've gone back to the 90s for an evening too!



Ah this looks like SO much fun!

Maria xxx


Love henna! Ah I love the nineties bedroom as well - so cool. I remember Dream Phone what a classic game!! :)

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