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Dungaree Days


I can definitely feel a rise in temperature this week, although those heatwave outfits still remain in my wardrobe. A burst of summer would be heavenly but I think you can dress for these cloudy days by going a bit boyish. Rather than pairing your pretty summer dresses with dark black tights, I wear high waisted jeggings, Riding Pants and even chic jogging bottoms! I don't like wearing skirts that flip up in windy, cold weather, but maybe an alternative are my new Motel Demi Dungarees! I got these in a sample sale as I don't think this dark blue will be produced for the website, but there is a lighter blue, the cult paisley and a sweet acid wash pair which I rather like too. Light denim is on my love list right now! 



I rarely buy impulsive things nowadays but this pretty crochet top from New Look caught my eye and I know it will go with everything. It actually has a centred dipped hem at the front and back which you can't quite see but it will surely be worn many times this summer. I think crop tops and dungarees are a match made in heaven as a flash of skin can take away the childishness of the dungarees.



My nails are Barry M's Blueberry at the moment which I hoped would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury but as you can see, it's definitely not a pastel shade. I'm going to paint them nude myself this week as I don't want to go to the salon again before pay day comes, and I don't mind bright blue! It reminds me of the blue skies we sadly aren't seeing at the moment!


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