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Rip Roar

My denim obsession continues and I am now after the perfect pair of ripped jeans. I want them super shredded with multiple white frayed pieces and I'm not sure of the fit; I don't know if boyfriend jeans are for me but I'm willing to try. I'd rather have something tighter at the top and the legs can be a little less fitted, and then rolled up at the ankles with pointed ankle strap heels. I've been collecting images on my Tumblr for a few weeks but haven't heard anything on the grapevine about a shop selling the perfect pair, do you know any?

Of course this is a DIY challenge but I don't have any jeans I could do this to as I want them in a light denim, and any old jeans I have I pass on to my sister or sell on. I will try charity shops as a Plan B but so far Plan A has been ordering the Missguided pair below. They're not quite right as they have no stretch so they are more of a stiff cloth rather than a denim, and they're too small so I think the larger size might be too big! Or I'll sit down and rip them as they have no give haha! There is a definite fine line between shredded jeans from 2003 and shredded jeans from 2013 so I'll keep hunting and maybe settle for some with slashes at the knees only. This pair are almost right but maybe I'll hold out hope for 100% right!

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