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I don't find the weather alters my wardrobe needs but rather I only buy things for any upcoming occasions or events. I plan my outfits in advance of any calendar entry instead of stocking up on seasonal items or having a huge splurge, and at the moment I am only considering that I have a few festivals and my birthday coming up this season. After that, we are into a whole other realm of clothing as we pull out our winter threads (sorry for saying that!). Who knows how the weather will fare - all I know is I have enough sunny day outfits stocked up and I don't really need anything right now, like say how you might need a winter coat to stave off frostbite. I already have my Wireless and V Fest outfits sorted!

However, welcome all the things I simply want! A lust list is different as it may not even be things that would suit you but you find yourself reblogging and repinning until you realise these things really would make your life that little bit better. Or at least your wardrobe! Right now I've been searching pictures of crochet everything and one eBay search for crochet kimonos lead to a ShopStyle search for crochet dresses and now I'm hovering with my debit card thinking where can I wear such an item?! A festival maybe, but what about the mud? A club maybe, but wouldn't it be a bit hot? Will it look like a carpet or beach dress? I do believe if you are going to go for a trend, you need to go the full way and really invest in it so I saw the fashion blogger favourite crochet brand Emma on Karla's Closet and it was as though the fashion Gods had sent it straight to me. 

Emma not only has a fantastic selection of midi, maxi, tight and lose dresses, but they all come in cream OR white, and they are ethically sourced. The dresses are handmade in Zimbabwe and each purchase contributes to kids and families in Zimbabwe. There are also sweet quotes accompanying each dress such as 'When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you' and 'Be the change you want to see in the world.'

The question is whether to indulge in your trend lustings or let the urge pass you by and wait for another to overtake? Or in my case, the answer is to take a few old trends you did invest in, sell them on eBay, and raise your own funds to invest in your latest trend love!

I've seen a few bloggers in the middle ASOS dress but a mini one would suit better for me. The white one on the right could be perfect but something isn't quite right, maybe it's a little more like lace than crochet? If the black was in white then it would be 100% mine!

The Missguided ombré dress is super sweet but I wanted pure white and inky grey tones don't suit me as much, and the black dress could be perfect but maybe the super hot model could make anything look great?! The Emma dresses seem the way to go, but I haven't bitten yet. I'll see if the urge passes!
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