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Nails Of The Week 29: On Cloud Nine

I have been on the hunt for the perfect lilac/powder blue/grey polish for SO LONG and it has finally joined my life, along with a valuable lesson. I'm sure you know the experience of trawling makeup stands full of shiny treasures and spotting the lipstick/blush/polish colour that looks perfect. Just the right shade, tone and texture on the back of your hand or in the bottle; the one you know will compliment perfectly. Then you walk out of the shop, try it on, and it is not perfect at all. It has somehow morphed into something totally different to what you envisioned and your £5 is down the drain.

I've bought lots of powder blues in hope of finding a muted lilac or cornflower blue but none were right. Barry M's Gelly Blueberry looks like it would be but it comes out much darker and richer than its bottle shade. Gah!

However the lesson I have learnt is to buy from swatches rather than the appearance. I Googled around and found a few blog posts with Revlon Cloud, a white/lilac in the bottle but a powdery indigo on the nails! I bought it from eBay as I'm not sure if the colour is in stores and when it arrived I was dubious, but it was true to the swatches and never has a colour felt so on point. I've compared it below next to it's closest shades in my collection and realise Barry M just doesn't do soft shades, which is no negative as they are famed for opaque, rich colours. For now, Revlon has my total attention and I'll be browsing swatches before I buy in the future!

Pointed or 'stiletto' nails will round off very quickly, especially if you type as fast as me, so I have just filed mine into points again ready for Wireless tomorrow! The London based festival has already been going on for the past two days and it has been so exciting but a little torturous to see everyone already there; I can't wait to wake up tomorrow! 

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