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Nails of the Week 30: Red, White & Blue

Last of the Summer Dresses

Welcome to my mom's garden! Now this is the blogger background of my six year blogging dreams and I've reached out a tentative hand to my old tripod. I don't really feel like I show my up-to-date outfits on my blog so I'm going to revive a real life log of my real time wardrobe and have here as my diary again. As here is the only place to fill with my thoughts of fashion, it really feels like home again!

This denim dress was the last thing I got in a Motel sample sale before I started my new job and I haven't bought anything from there again just yet as sadly I can't wear short things to work now haha! But there's something about babydoll styles that feel light and flirty but too doll-like to make up for the super short length. Not many items can just be slipped over your head and you're good to go. And that's exactly what I did after I took these photos when I laced up my trainers instead and went to McDonalds! Glamour not so much, but this is a real life wardrobe now after all!

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