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Marseille 2013 Part Two

Hi guys, happy Sunday! I finally have some more photos of my trip to Marseille with my friends, several hundred to be exact! While a normal club night doesn't really warrant loads of Facebook photos since around 2009, we always make sure we get loads of snaps on holiday and even took disposable cameras so we could get some mystery photos developed when we got home.

So I left off in my last Marseille post on our first full day, where we visited the Viex Port in the sunshine and browsed contemporary museums and a castle. Marseille is a charming, no-frills city with a laid back air, and the calm tourist spots took our conversations into what we will all do in the future and how we are all hitting 25 soon. It's not often my friends and I have time to chill and chat so it was even more lovely by the serene views.

Our French still left much to be desired as we wandered around the sights and took in the history. It's so different to be surrounded by water but not on a beach holiday, and we didn't see the beach over our three days as we just didn't have time and it was a little journey away.

Marseille is also surrounded by pretty hills and we ate dinner overlooking the harbour. Unfortunately we tried our best to find a decent looking restaurant and ended up with the worst meals of our lives! I am by no means a fussy eater and will eat most things (apart from meat) but even I was gutted by our food and we were not lingual enough to negotiate a cheaper bill. By this time the sun had set so we all had a nap and started getting ready for night out number two, putting the bad meal behind us and mixing a crazy French punch.

I bought this American Apparel Dress on eBay and the bright blue lycra was only really appropriate for a holiday look! This is the best photo I have as I don't want to put up photos of my friends without asking them and things get cray at the club, right! My friends and I were in two different hotel rooms and I was in the slower one, so I was always ready first for once and my job was topping up the drinks and choosing the music, which was mostly '90s RnB.


We had heard of a club called TrolleyBus which sounded as ridiculous as it was awesome so at around 1am (clubs in Europe don't get started until 2am) we went back down to the Irish bars we had found on the first night and saw the barmen we had made friends with; the first men who weren't super slimy! We all certainly stood out and fought off the constantly approaching garcons before hitting this strange TrolleyBus club with the bar guys, which turned out to be a series of underground tunnels. Much dancing and insane photos ensued, with us exploring all of the different rooms like rabbit holes and finding a new tunnel at every turn playing different music. I stepped outside for air with one of the Irish barmen who was a pretty Spanish guy and he said he would show me the most romantic place in Marseille. Oh you just can't find that sort of romance in the UK! We walked along the port and at one point I turned to find him standing by a scooter - his scooter! So it turns out you had to ride to this romantic place, which was an alcove where the sea lapped at the stone cobbles (aww) and I was on the back of a scooter (with helmet) feeling like I was in a movie as we zipped through the streets! Then we went to the highest place in Marseille so you could see the whole city by moonlight, it was the sort of scene you could only have on holiday in France!

So after this surreal night, we all woke up and got ready for the beach on our last day to just lie in the sun and gossip. Sadly the sun didn't make an appearance so we made it our mission to find a boat. We saw a tourist boat that visited a nearby island and hopped on the next trip. Strangely everyone was handed these straw hats and the captains asked our group if we wanted to drive the boat?! This meant we got to sit in the top deck cabin and these smooth French guys, who were all about 55, were playing salsa music and definitely not driving that boat properly!

We landed on an island that seemed to consist of a few bars and again confirmed the fact that Marseille may have never seen a bunch of girls before, because the waitress at one bar we stopped in made us all come into the kitchen to wish the chef happy birthday and cracked open the champagne! They were snapping photos of us as though the island hadn't seen women in years and it was even more hilarious when the captains of the crazy boat blasted Michael Jackson on the way back to the port, with one snake-hipped garcon declaring himself 'Michael White' and pulling some serious Jacko moves!

We returned when it was just getting dark and thankfully found a lovely restaurant where we all had a decent meal, at last! As always with the final night, we were slower at hitting the town as we all felt delicate from the past few days, and we dubbed it maxi dress night with a few of us in long dresses. I don't have a photo of just myself on this night but we visited a place a girl on the hotel reception recommended to us that turned out to be almost like a street rave! When asking for directions away, some people guided us straight back to the taxis as it was 'dangerous' and so we went to some bars along the port instead! It's so fun to sit sharing wine outside alongside the sea, definitely something we don't experience at home!

Here is a little snap of my holiday girls as we were strolling around, one of the few suitable and where were are all in one shot and not being pulled out by some French dude. I was so pleased it all went off without a hitch and I think the key to a good holiday is to have no expectations, group off if a few of you want to do different things, and know it's going to get crazy. We are already planning our next trip, I can't wait!!

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