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I have lived in terrible houses, I have lived with six boys, I have lived in houses where I didn't really know my housemates, and thankfully I have mostly lived in houses where my housemates are BFFs for life. However after six years living away from home for university and work, I found an unmissable job opportunity back in my home town and moved back in with my mom in her new house with her new partner. I've read lots of articles about recession-struck people moving back in with the 'rents and I can say that I am as happy as Larry! It was not a hard decision because so many of my friends do live at 'home', and they have actual savings, are stress free, and do not spend weekends travelling to see their loved ones. My group of friends from college are all confident, independent career women who also let their hair down and basically win the world, and they can afford to do this because many have financial freedom and the support of homelife. Moving home seemed very attractive as when hearing all of that. Why was I living away?!

Really I wish I had moved back home after graduating as the money I have spent on rent, bills, council tax and transport, especially as I moved south where it is so much more expensive to live, really makes my eyes water. I had forgot what it's like to have a motherly figure around who will just change your bed sheets or replenish the shampoo randomly. If your housemate changed your bed, that would just be slightly weird! Suddenly you don't need to juggle the expiry dates of all the food items in the fridge, avoid the bill at the end of winter, fork out a huge deposit and a month's rent before you've even unpacked, or deal with mould, mice or a panic when you drop a black eyeshadow all over the carpet. I do still pay rent but it isn't the huge chunk of my wages as with rented accommodation, and let me say if you want to work in fashion marketing, prepare for minimum wage. If you ever want to make money, don't choose fashion! I know many popular bloggers earn a living through blogging but I make money from sitting at a company desk and it certainly is a tough old financial time out there for graduates.

However it isn't the home you left as a teenager, now (hopefully) you will have a job and maybe a car so if you do fancy a takeaway or something specific for dinner, you can pop along and get it yourself. You'll have no curfew so you will be late-night shopping, staying out for cocktails, and generally your lifestyle won't be compromised. I'm lucky that my mom still loves to cook and my nan loves to do washing (truly!) so I don't always need to anymore. Half my things are still at my nans in the room I stay in when I sleep over each weekend and I swear every time I go there my things have been tidied and sorted a little more. That woman loves to damn tidy!

The negatives may be the freedom, as your parents may want to know where you are and who you are with and not approve of coming home in the middle of the night. I can say my mom is very lenient and I remember years ago when she went on a trip and I suggested my younger brother definitely would have a secret house party, and she just said 'Well, a house is there to be lived in!'. I can do as I please but actually it's generally a decent thing if someone does know where you are.

I visited some friends on the weekend who have an amazing flat in London and did miss living with your mates where you are always laughing and gossiping, but I chat to my friends daily and see different groups weekly anyway so I don't mind too much. I do miss the independent feeling of being a single adult and going with the flow of just your own feelings as I do like my own company! So I think in a few years I'll be looking again to live completely independently and do everything my way, but for now my priorities are saving money, having fun adventures and working hard, so not having the responsibilities of living alone really isn't a loss at all!

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