Marseille 2013 Part One
Nails of the Week 31: White Out

White on White: Nike Air Force 1

Is there anything fresher than white on white on white? You know you have something new and completely unspoiled when your latest loves are so preciously ivory that you really must wash your hands before lacing them up! Air Force 1s are almost like boots and when you strap in, you feel fully cushioned in kick heaven. I admired the standard sizes but Nike sneaks are on the larger size, especially when shopping guy shoes. I went for half a size down in the JD Sports Junior Nikes and they fit perfectly, even with a little room for comfort and sweet socks.

Matching nails and shoes are essential too you know, and white will transition easily into autumn as a neutral colour, perfect with black and navy and a flash of metal. These ankle cuffs from eBay are the accessory my whole wardrobe was missing and I'm warding off any evil with the eyes in these leggings; my first order since leaving Motel! I miss those gals! I think my expanding trainer collection is due to my new office dress code and on the weekend I want to step as far away from smart-casual as possible and turn it out. I only just managed to wear these beauties out of the house, they are just too perfect! The straps, laces, height and sole all elevate you to flaunt those ankles and white shoes really stand out. With an inky black winter coat, chilly weather can only compliment them even more.

JD Sports Nike Air Force 1s, Motel leggings

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