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Skort Tart

I was having a Missguided browse and among a few bodycon dresses as weekend potentials, I added this skort to my basket. I wasn't too taken with this trend in the beginning as I didn't have anywhere to wear something so short and found the white skorts looked a bit like a paper bag on me. However this tartan cutie is a chic way to wear checks and the black in the print welcomes black tights when the seasons change for good. I really liked the navy and green versions but they didn't have my size, and the red and black was a more casual approach.
'Fraid to say sadly I don't have my mom's garden to take photos in now, so I will be getting crafty in my new area looking for walls, fences and doors. Or some daylight would be good; we are back to leaving the house in the dark and arriving home in the dark, right! I'm ready for those cosy nights though, and really want a fur hat!

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