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Outfit Of The Night: Ruby Red

Oh lighting, the bane of a blogger's life! I tried to take a photo at 1pm on Monday and it was too dark! It may also be apparent that unlike other bloggers who have been around for as long as me (hello 7 years), I have not upgraded to a snazzy camera and Macbook. I have figured out a white bathroom will allow for some makeup detail though, yipee!

I wore my Motel Henna Hand print dress last weekend and I still love the black print on white. White dresses are rather rare, especially in a thicker stretch cotton like this so it isn't see-through. Funnily enough, in the summer it didn't quite feel right, but in spring and now winter it some how makes more sense. As my hair is red, I find a ruby red eye suits it, with MAC Mythology being the perfect jewel shade. I also added a few similar shadows from an old Sleek palette, which I really had to dust off as I haven't used any palettes in ages. Also FYI I do not have strange roots, it's just the light hitting the top of my hair! That's the real colour, it isn't dark in real life.


Also here is a little video I made too where I mostly laugh and sneeze!

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