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Party Time Chapter 4

Hello to a few cheeky night out saviours. First up is MAC Fix+, a refreshing mist and makeup 'setter', but I think it blends together your makeup rather than giving it added staying power. It's almost like the topcoat on your nails, adding a flawless dusting to your face. At the moment I am very much into blending, buffing and sponging to get that airbrushed finish. Once you really start thinking about it though, you get into blending onto your ears and collar bones and it all gets very serious!

Way before the floral whiff of Fix+, I begin my makeup by priming my face with Benefit POREfessional. The silicone smooth finish creates a clear canvas so your blush goes on more easily and colours really pop. I'd rather have a strong primer than a heavy duty powder. Then my secret top tip - eye drops! Before my eye makeup I add  few drops for sparkling, twinkly eyes. Especially good to avoid an eye that won't stop watering, making one false lash impossible to stick on. It always happens when your other eye is perfect!

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