Outfit Of The Night: Ruby Red

We Like To Party

The week has begun: the Christmas party week! I have my work party on Wednesday with 800+ people and then a night out on Saturday; an event my friends and I celebrate every year the weekend before Christmas. A punch is always made and the night is not always remembered!

I receive a gorgeous Motel Rocks parcel this weekend after eyeing up their sequin arsenal for the past few weeks. As soon as I knew the date of the work Christmas party, I booked a MAC makeover, booked the afternoon off, and started to consider more festive outfits. I wouldn't necessarily wear sequins to a club yet a Christmas 'do really calls for something more festive. To also branch out into more colour, I've waved my LBD addiction and lusted after this burgundy Gabby dress. The dark sequins with a hint of plum when the lights shine will surely be perfect dance floor attire and it calls to be paired with a glitter lid or wine lip.

My plum Zara heels would add to the autumnal vibes, almost a colour theme of mulled wine. I think strappy, mid heels are much more appropriate for a work event as you do not want to be carefully walking like Bambi when your favourite song comes on. I have a few other outfits up my sleeve too but still no NYE outfit, so we'll see on that one! 

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