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Hair Empties #1

As a blogger on my best behaviour at the moment, I have been collecting my empties! I believe clutter equals stress so normally these would go straight into the recycling, but I've finished a bunch of things at the same time. After around half a year of not entering Superdrug or Boots unless seriously necessary, I've discovered many bargains and avoided any expensive impulses. Now I'll do a haul once a month from somewhere like Savers (Superdrug's little sister brand) and get things like cotton pads or toothpaste from bargain supermarkets like Poundland. This affords me to blow more on makeup and clothes, yay!

So from left to right, I've been using got2b 2 sexy hairspray since university and the raspberry smell still reminds me of great hair days. It gives a buildable dusting that I like to reach a slightly stiff layer to keep my curls in place for longer. It's not a fine Elnett-style mist; this is good, strong stuff that won't ever turn too crispy.

The got2b oilicious dry oil mist was actually a £2 impulse and it adds a fine hint of oil, without weighing down your hair. The more you spray, the shiner your curls get, and near the end of the can I started to spray my hair liberally before washing it a few hours later. Great if your thirsty locks need a dose of moisture.

Before my impulse-starved faze, I did invest in the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm, and warming up the rich waxy product to form a heavy oil really does feel like you are smothering your hair in gold. I don't think it makes any more difference than dowsing your hair in oil below though.

The mask I replaced it with was this Argan Oil intensive hair mask, trying the conditioner and hair oil after. The mask is the consistency of body butter and takes the award of the first in-shower product that didn't seem to wash away as soon as I added it to wet hair. I had my hair cut this week and after getting another hairdresser to feel how thick my hair is, my stylist remarked how he was about to use A LOT of conditioner. Sure thick hair is a blessing but I do usually have to go to town with conditioner, often using a hair mask in place of conditioner. The Argan Oil range is all 99p each - yes 99p - and the density of the creamy products are finally a match for my mane. 

I concocted my own hair remedy with the oil by literally smothering my hair in the stuff for around an hour before washing. I know you can do this with olive oil, but at 99p, the Argan Oil is in fact cheaper! I can't not repurchase these as they are such an incredible price, and feel so natural and nourishing. No fancy claims, just good old oil. I did get a sample of Moroccan Oil with a magazine subscription and the ingredients are literally identical, yet the Argan Oil brand is 10% of the price and feels much thicker. Some may prefer a lighter oil but nothing is too heavy for me.

I don't like putting oil in my hair after washing though as I'd rather use oil to the max than add a small bit. I find adding a 'pea-sized amount' of a product to hair actually only touches the smallest part of mine; it's impossible to spread a product lightly and evenly through thick hair. So I use copious amounts of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum with heat protector to provide some relief from the hairdryer and feed my dyed locks. Luckily I only wash my hair once/twice a week so one bottle can last a good few months.

I do want to try the L'Oréal Ever Rich range next - do you rate it?

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