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A Few Welcome Beauty Refreshers

MAC Harmony Blush, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW15

Earlier in the year, my sister and I decided we would neutralise our wardrobes and just have fabulous hair and makeup all of the time. As we live together, most evenings consist of her raiding my wardrobe and us coming up with ambitious plans to be better at everything. The whole makeup/hair thinking hasn't quite come into play yet as I'm evolving my makeup routine slightly and my hair is just not contemplating recently! That's another story, but makeup wise I've spent a while homing in on my absolute favourites and not venturing away from those. If I impulse in Superdrug, guaranteed whichever rose lip tint or pearly highlighter I find will end up being a disappointing mistake, left in a sorry state on the 'I must use that some time' pile. If I'm not using it every day or on a night out, it's never getting used.

I can't make any sort of statement with my makeup at work so I have been focusing on a flawless base to take me from 9 'til 5. I try to give a little warmth and life to my face while hiding any sleep circles or blemishes. I had a MAC makeover recently as I had my eye on a few things and hadn't had one in a while. Nowadays I do things just to treat myself as I'm working my toosh off! While saving, paying bills, addressing that student loan, etc. The usual! I've spoke about this before but a MAC makeover is the only way to try out products you never usually would that are 100% suited to you.

The things I came away with are Harmony blush, the legendary contouring shade. I remember Tanya Burr using this back in the day, but back in the day I also had the perfect 17 contour colour that was less than £2 and became discontinued, sob! Harmony is an impactful shade without being offensive, and can be a buildable base to accompany a popping blush at night. I also got the Pro Longwear Concealer as I've never had anything totally targeted for under the eyes. I've gone through too many tubes of Lasting Perfection to count, in various shades to cover circles and brighten the under-eye triangle, but this NW15 shade adds a warm tone with a lightening lift, as it's a shade darker than my foundation. A fresh, bright eye area means wearing just mascara alone is much less scary, and I look like I may have had that extra hour of sleep. It's definitely nice to use a few brand new things every day.

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