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Going Red To Blonde... The Inspiration

Love & Desire

I have been after a certain dress for a while, and when I really want something, I wilfind it! After shopping online since the year dot of the internet (aka 2004 on AOL), finding things I want, with great discount codes to boot is what gives me ultimate satisfaction. There are a few items I always search for and never leave my wishlist, and this dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger was one of them. It sold out, I lurked eBay, bought other things, gave into winter, and then it came back onto my radar on Desire Clothing. Believe it or not, this was my dressed down attire for the bank holiday as my friends and I hadn't quite decided where to go. My motto is that it's better to be overdressed than underdressed! 

Desire Dress, Miss Selfridge Fluffy Bag, River Island Heels

The best thing would be that the dress is just £15 (hell yeah!) but actually it's that it is rather decent quality. I'm very picky when shopping for black dresses as shiny synthetic fabrics are not my bag, but this is light yet opaque, with just enough stretch to be form fitting, yet stretch to any curve. I wore a stick on bra and usually I feel like they are really unflattering, but the high neck means your bust is just not a focus. Works for me!

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