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Hi guys! I was going to begin this with a rant on my blog going a bit haywire recently in the technical department, but I'm here typing and I'm not going to waste time on that! I just want to tell you about some clothes, as per usual for the last eight years! And in those years I generally don't review things as my blog is more of a diary than a style guide, but I checked out an email from iKrush.com and said ohhh hello to their co-ord category.

Co-ordinating outfits ar rife on the high street right now but they are often with shorts, and shorts might be the least wearable clothing item ever. I hovered over the super sweet trouser sets before ordering these tropical trousers to try for my twist on a co-ord: a mis-co-ord! Mis-matching prints can add something a little more unexpected and I had these in mind for work too with an oversized shirt, smart sandals and a slick yet huge top knot. I  have a one track mind when it comes to fabrics and these are more soft than sheeny, and do not crease. I spend my life trying to find trousers that do not crease!!! And seriously how pretty is the Topshop tropical bralet. I made a beeline when it was restocked and at £20, I feel like putting it in a frame.

Topshop braletiKrush Trousers, New Look wedges

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