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August 12, 2014


Emma Charlotte

Happy belated birthday! It was my birthday on the 6th :) You look absolutely beautiful

X Emma |


Happy happy birthday babygirl (sorry for the belated wishes)! I have been reading your blog for so many years it kind of feels like I have been growing up alongside you, although I don't turn 25 until next year. I'm sad you didn't get to visit the places I recommended in Amsterdam to you on instagram but sounds like you ladies had an excellent time anyway. Im glad you got to experience the trashiness of the Amsterdam pub crawl which was kinda like a right of passage for all my friends when we were living there :P
As always you are looking a babe & your hair is looking particularly amazing. Sending lots of birthday love from down under! xx

Emily Jayne

Happy Birthday! You look fabulous in that dress!


Happy belated birthday, you look absolutely gorgeous here!

Maria xxx


Hi Tanya,
Thank you so much girl! x x Very annoying I couldnt get to see your super tasty sounding recommendations but Id sure visit Amsterdam again! Haha Im all for a dose of trashiness - its a must right! Such a good mix of different places, what a city. Enjoy your last year of being under 25!!! Very jel :) x x x

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