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Birthday Nights

Hello guys! I hope you are all doing very well. I thought I felt very emotional last week because it was my birthday but I think it was just hormonal in the end! I am the grand age of 25 and I'm sort of going along a path of trying to get rich but also travel, shop and push myself to succeed. It's a working balance in progress! I've also started driving lessons which makes me feel even more like a certified grown up. I just need to stop laughing as I'm driving and it should be fine!

So my birthday was finally chance to wear a dress that has been burning a mini hole in my wardrobe. I say mini because it is rather small! I had a big night out on the cards but it was bitter sweet as one of my friends is also moving to Abu Dhabi soon, so it was a joint celebration with my friends on Saturday night.

I follow so many brands on Instagram and Pepper Mayo seemed the Australian answer to Missguided. It was certainly a risk ordering one size from so far away as I usually order a variety of sizes, especially when a £10 customs fee was slapped on by Royal Mail. The sheer amount of things I buy and return is quite crazy as I only like to keep things I really, really love, with the perfect fit. The fashion Gods were smiling though and the dress fit like a dream, even if a little short! It's call the Victoria Dress and the plunge effect is actually due to a built in V shaped wire, so there is no danger of flashing. I absolutely love crochet and it’s quite unique in black. I was going to get the white version of the dress but only the black dress had my size in stock and so it was meant to be. As it was so short, I added a plain black bodycon skirt underneath, and teamed with some shoes I actually bought myself from Choies. Has any blogger actually purchased things from those cheapie Asian websites?! Maybe I'm the first! I was looking for a copy of the Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that eventually fizzled down to Zara, and these fit the bill. They also have them in nude which I would totally go for if they wouldn’t get so stained in a club.

I also spent a night in the swish Bloc Hotel Birmingham through a work contact and felt like a total lady of leisure. It is even in the Jewellery Quarter, an area of my city that a few of my friends enviously live in! It's the cool, cosmopolitan hub of Birmingham and definitely matches the trendy day trippers of the city, with a chic, compact feel but first class features. I settled for a night of TLC in the king-size bed lavished with Egyptian cotton sheets, after soaking up a monsoon drench shower, hooking up all of my gadgets and admiring the pink lighting. I'll just move in, thank you! There is nothing better than watching movies snuggled in bed. I have a fantasy of having a bedroom literally empty of things apart from an incredible bed and fur rug. I’d so much rather clear things out than buy loads of cutesy homewear! Twenty five ain't looking so bad :)

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