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Destination Skin: Vitamin Skin Peel

I have a new favourite hobby and it is mind, body & soul. Yes indeed, that is a hobby! I''m busy, I work hard, and often by Friday I need a weekend to recover from all the tasks I set myself during the week. The temptation to go shopping and buy a truck load of new things masks the need to relax, sort out all of those things on your to-do list, and get yourself back to 100%. It's only this year that I have forgone a new high-street lipstick and impulse face wash for massages, facials, pedicures and clean eats. I began the journey to being a well-oiled working woman machine by sleeping more, drinking more (water) and indulging in pampering instead of frittering away money.

My attention has turned to my skin though as my entrance into the 25-30 age bracket means I need to get my regime in order. To kick start this, I had a life-changing appointment at Destination Skin and ran to the counter right away to book in a first treatment. I chop and change high-street skincare, listening to the YouTube recommendations and forever washing muslin cloths, but it's rare that my skin feels perfectly prepped and refreshed. When I was seemingly rich at University (I wasn't!), I would spend across snazzy skincare brands in hope of revitalising my skin, but over the years I find you can't really alter what you are born with. My skin will always be dehydrated, with the fine lines creeping closer. This does not mean I like to exfoliate, slap on moisturiser and oil up with serums before bed time. What am I putting on my face?! Just as I have makeovers before I buy makeup, I wanted to speak to an expert

Instead of my usual cheap and cheerful beauty parlours, I looked to an actual clinic for advice and spoke to Jessica at Destination Skin in Birmingham. It was one of those life changing meetings where I threw everything I knew out of the window and came away with a fresh vision of just what my skin needed. Jessica really opened my eyes to the offering and treatments available at clinics in comparison to spas and it's really revolutionised my thoughts on skincare. The consultation meant my face was washed and tested to investigate the best course to go down, offering solution rather than pampering - although the clinic itself is a dream and felt much more chic and private than salons I visit more often.

It was also interesting to hear the expectations of some clients and the advice that there is no miracle fix, but treatments on offer mean you can work towards transforming skin rather than a temporary, harsh change. I love science! Jessica gave me a frank overview of my own face, confirming it was dehydrated and rather dull. I'm all about the real talk, and was recommended a vitamin skin peel.

Skin peels make me think of Samantha in SATC and her veil, but the purpose is to use natural acids derived from fruit, nuts and sugar for a gentle way to clear all your dead skin away and stimulate new, healthier skin cells for the future. I visited a few weeks later to have my lashings of foundation stripped away and a cool, zesty solution applied to my face. This penetrated deep down to the deepest layers of my skin and brought out all the dull cells, making my face congested. What felt like cold face cloths were applied to keep my face cool, and it was all over within 15 minutes, followed by a refreshing cream. You can see below my face was not particularly red or patchy, so I applied a little makeup before I left, met my friend for birthday cocktails and awaited the results!

Over the week my face felt like it really was purging all of the dry patches, speeding up the healing for any imperfections or spots, and showing effects for days. If I do have a blemish, it takes weeks to heel up completely. The peel seems to have kick started my skin again and has inspired me to work on this blank canvas now and invest in some products for the skin type confirmed that I am. It's very interesting that there are strict laws for advertising drugs and medical products in the U.K., so medicated skin brands cannot get a look in for the beauty market.

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