Monki Pastel Flatforms <3

Evening all! I was just snuggling up in bed and getting ready to watch Skins (Nick is my new ultimate fitty!!!) when I got distracted as usual and browsed a few shops. Well hellllo lovers - I found the cutest shoes!! These stacked flatforms from Monki are the sweetest ballet pink and have a patent platform!! Seriously cute and not too scary for those fearful of creepers. The ribbon laces are the best things I've ever seen! Remember Monki is owned by H&M too so the quality is great. They're only 40 euros but I'm not spending at the moment as I'm trying to save for some holidays (if my friends and I can ever arrange one!). However if you do decide to get these beauties, remember to get a Monki teddy too as they are super soft and perfect cuddling size. I'd love to go back to Sweden!

Creepers Take 2

OK slight change in my creepers! My leopard ones were just that bit too big so I formulated a plan and sold them on eBay and got a new pair with the Paypal money! If you're worried about buying creepers, mine sold for £60 on eBay in less than 24hrs so you can always resell if your size isn't right. I realised I'd got a UK men's 6 which turns out to be a UK women's 7, and I'm a 5.5! Definitely make sure you're ordering ladies. It's really hard to find small sizes but I ordered mine on Sunday here in a UK 6 and they came today on Tuesday with free delivery, amazing! They are a bit big too but that's because they're so stiff and my ankles aren't very big, so I'll just wear some socks. Also the 101s are reeeeally heavy; I was worn out after 20 mins of walking! Can't wait to wear them with Riding Pants! Check out this great video for outfit ideas too x

Extravagant Purchases

Hi Dolls! So I received some exciting thing in the post this week, veeery exciting! First was some American Apparel Riding Pants! I had my eye on the suddenly-super-popular Disco Pants but when trying them on at the Bristol store, they sort of flattened my bum and gave me a big bum-to-ass hybrid which looked the size of Brazil! I'd grabbed a pair of Riding Pants to try out of curiosity and they were much better, and it's so great to find something truly high waisted! I was going to borrow the discount of a Motel girl who is also a stylist but American Apparel randomly emailed out some 30% off codes so it was fate! I know they have a reputation for taking ages to deliver things and mine came in 6 working days, which is OK but I don't see why they can't have faster delivery options. While working in e-commerce now, it's quite interesting to monitor other brands, as I probably got that discount email because that week I had been checking out this expensive item on the AA website - websites are veryyyy clever that way!

Also I bit the bullet with an Amazon voucher that I had for Christmas and got some creepers! I don't think I've ever seen creepers in the flesh before even but they appealed to me for a couple of reasons...

1. Tumblr pics like these.

2. They are flat shoes that won't fall apart like ballet flats, and as I travel further to work nowadays, I want to wear something that support your feet in some way! We'll be a generation of crippled feet with all the cardboard flats around today.

3. They are a 'special' shoe that aren't heels, which is hard to find.

4. They wouldn't wear as quickly as normal ballet flats/loafers.

5. They are so big and ugly so they would be perfect with my extra girly wardrobe. I'm kinda feeling unattractive, clumpy things right now, maybe because I'm so over worrying and maybe want to appear a bit tougher.

Even clomping to the supermarket to break them in tonight made me feel like I could stomp anywhere! I wouldn't recommend getting anything off Amazon as it's so confusing to buy from and you don't know exactly how the shipping will be (mine came from Germany?!), and I was worried about sizing as many places advised to go a size up and I was ordering in men's sizes. I'm usually a 5.5/6 and I got a 6, and they're definitely too long so I'll have to get heel grips and wear thick socks! They fit fine but because they are heavy, they slip off a bit. And they are SO heavy! I assume the ones with thinner soles are lighter but mine are the real Demonia deal and super thick. Love! Cannot wait to get some super frilly, girly socks and wear them with skater skirts and crop tops when the weather cheers up a bit. I would have ideally gone for plain black but they didn't have any in my size and I didn't know when they would, and I do have a huge leopard collection so I went for these! 


Monki for the UK!

With shipping at  €6, I am SO EXCITED that Monki now has an online store that ships to the UK! They're part of the H&M group so I shopped at Monki loads when I lived in Sweden as it's the most amazing shop. Everything is sweet but edgy, great quality but oversized and comfortable, and totally unique but not too 'out there'. Here is my current wishlist, clockwise from the top left:

Johanna Blouse: I'm looking for a lovely printed blouse and this merged geometric pattern it almost right! It has a gorgeous batwing fit too which would look great with more fitted bottoms and block ankle boots.

Patricia Top: This lace crop top is the sort of thing I know I will WEAR, it would go with everything!

Siliva Blouse: The peter pan collar shirt would be fab with a colour pop skirt and black tights for a bit of a '60s look.

Mona Boots: These are the ultimate '90s boots! So clumpy and chunky, they would make any outfit 100 times cooler.

Cara Top: Ah how cute is this top!!! I'm not sure how it would look with your actual hair over it but I love the idea.

Katy Top: I love the Monki family so this tee would be an ode to those cute critters!

Oki: If you are placing an order, you have to get one of the giant Monki teddies! I made sure I brought Oki home even though I had £80 over baggage fees when I left Sweden, but it was worth it as he's so cute and velvety soft!

Fran Top: I love a cropped top with long sleeves! A super flattering fit and perfect with high waisted skirts.

None of these things are quite amazing enough to place an order although they are damn good prices. However I can't think of Monki without thinking of it's edgier twin shop Weekday, and when I had a browse of their site, I spotted these amazing boots! I'm obsessed with navy/grey at the moment but nude looks so great with black, and they are only 50 euros each! I have the sudden need to order them through Filippa's shopping service from Sweden but I can't decide! I love the slanted heel of the grey middle pair but the higher pairs go that extra fabulous mile. Decisions decisions!

It's a yes, Mary Jane!

I have today and Friday off so I came home to Birmingham last night! Today I had a record set of beauty treatments, getting a haircut, new gel nails, and my eyebrows threaded. Feels so much better! I don't know any good salons or hairdressers in Bristol yet and don't really want to chance anything and be disappointed. I had a browse around the Bullring too and got a few things which I'll show you next week, but after mentioning I was having a hard time finding some new going-out shoes, I actually found some! I was browsing in New Look as they are my sister's go-to shop for heels and I spotted racks of these gorgeous Mary Janes. They are super similar to the Topshop ones I bought and returned a few months ago as they were insanely high. These shoes are definitely 5-6inches high but the platform covers more ground surface, as the Topshop platforms were slanted so didn't have much base. Also I think these heels are a teeeeny bit wider. They are fab! They aren't as chunky as my usual heels so I'm a bit worried I'll fall and break my neck *touch wood I don't!*, but they're good for my floral dresses as my floral Forever21 heels were a bit much with a floral outfit too! And these are only £25, yay!

I tried on the brown/tan pair too which were a gorgeous change but I don't wear many colours other than black on a night out and don't wear heels in the day! I wore a pair of wedges to work one day and it really annoyed me that I couldn't walk as fast as normal so I haven't worn them again! There's also a red/burgundy pair but they only have the brown on the site, but in the Birmingham Corporation Street store they had lots left of all colours; snap them up fast! Also the sales assistants in New Look are always so friendly, I actually miss working as an SA in River Island!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 25

    25. Shoes you love but hardly wear

Were you thinking I'd say I wear my Miu Miu shoes the least? Well I've worn the tea cup shoes to a Girls Aloud concert (haha!), London Fashion Week, and I think somewhere else that I can't quite remember! But I have only worn these River Island shoes to my Nan's 80th birthday meal and a club. In that said club, the whole load of gems on the inside of the left shoe must have been scraped off! I'd still wear them as you can't tell too much, or just sew on some more gems, but they are not very secure shoes so I'd wear them to somewhere that I was staying in, rather than a night of bar hopping. 

After a lovely, relaxing weekend, on Sunday night the fire alarm was set off at about 2am as one of my housemates had some people round (Dirty Sanchez guy included!). It's like living in student halls again as the alarm went off in every room, and there's a lot of rooms here, and loads of random fire doors automatically shut over the normal doors. Not great for Monday morning haha! I just braved my first ever exercise class though and it was great! I went to a Zumba class (thank you Hannah for all the tips!) and didn't realise how uncoordinated I am as I couldn't keep up with anything! But it was really fun so I'll be looking into classes that are nearer or as part of a gym.

Finally got hold of the studded shoes

I included these River Island heels in a Work Wishlist ages ago and had an inkling they would go into the sale, which they did! After I handed in my dissertation after 25 straight hours perfecting it (eeek!), I went up to town just as the sale started and spotted a coral pair too. Both are gorgeous but I tried them on and woah, they are not so lovely to walk in. I'm quite good at not buying things to I decided to leave them reduced to £25, but when they were further reduced to £12.50,  snapped them up!

I usually wear chunky, straight heels with a platform so I wouldn't wear these to dance in, but maybe to a restaurant or bar. I've got to find some sort of graduation outfit soon which is weird as I'm not too bothered! I don't think the day will be that pleasurable as it won't be fun walking across a stage in front of loads of people and I don't like being the centre of attention, despite being a Leo! I know you're meant to wear a 'posh' dress maybe but I'm not keen to buy something I won't wear again and maybe it's not a good idea to wear heels in case they contribute to falling over on stage, the worst nightmare of all!

Anyway, I love the way these shoes are almost pointed but the sides are curved so it's not as harsh, and of course the studs on the back! Just have to be careful they don't get splashed as they'd be hard to clean, which won't be hard during the lovely weather we're having here lately.

It's a no, Mary Jane

So my Topshop Mary Janes arrived but sadly I'm not keeping them. They are SO HIGH! Nothing wrong with height but I feel like I'm going to break my neck! The platform isn't straight so the surface area of the sole is smaller than where the platform begins, so they kind of look a bit stripper-ish compared to my Forever21 Mary Janes that have a chunky heel and solid platform. 

Oh well! They do feel lovely but I think I would fall down loads of stairs so I'll keep looking for a new pair of going-out shoes. I might just dye or paint my Miss Selfridge heels black as they only problem is that they were grey so dirt won't come out properly. Or maybe dye them coral pink! Have you dyed any shoes? They are a canvas material so I bet you can get proper shoe dye or maybe fabric paint would work?

Forever shoe love


This has been a week of total ups and downs! First I had an assignment due in which meant it was library times from 7am and until midnight and then carrying on for as long as possible at home. One night there was a huge religious thing with boy racers blocking the main roads so I had to walk home and I got horribly harassed all the way! My cat broke the comma and full stop keys on my laptop and when I try to press them, the mouse gets all possessed and goes crazy across the screen, then disappears. So I had to work at the library and the night before the hand-in I had one hours sleep! Because it's final year, I feel like everything can be improved so I researched LOADS and still wasn't happy. And I had to go to work that day too, and the managers weren't happy because lots of things got stolen; gah people are so skanky!! If I'm on the fitting room, then the onus is on me to stop thieves but people are really clever and you don't want to suspect anyone. 

However the week was made right again (even though I have another assignment in this week, argh!) when it ended in a really great night on Friday and my shoes came in time! For the past weeks I have been obsessing with the Forever21 Miu Miu inspired (rip off?) mary janes that came out months ago, but my current going out shoes (the Miss Selfridge bow platforms) are starting to wear out. I find it quite hard to buy heels and will only have one pair at a time as I'd rather spend more on makeup and lashes, and recently my friends and I have been totting up the real cost of a night out. Lashes, new clothes, all the makeup, taxis, pre drinks, hangover food; really the cost is way more than what you actually pay in the club! And what if the night isn't even that good? But I came to the conclusion that the F21 shoes were the most gorgeous shoes just about ever and had high hopes that the new Birmingham store would stock them! I couldn't get down on the opening day but I woke up a few times really early in the morning to refresh the UK website encase it launched. Then I kept ringing the Bullring but they didn't have a number for the actual store yet and the lady started to get kind of annoyed! I even got my Mom to go and they didn't have them, but she did say the store was amazingly merchandised. Finally on Saturday I got through to the store on the phone and a guy said if a line they get in sells out, they don't replenish it. They weren't on the website either so after pondering for weeks, I got an eBay pair!     


They were way more expensive than the original pair with the postage too and worked out in total at about £70 instead of around $20,  but they're going to be a Christmas present! I bought them on Sunday and with priority postage,  they came on Thursday! That's amazing from America. I'm usually a UK6, but can fit a 5 sometimes, and I got these in a US8 and thankfully they fit perfectly! They're not too narrow at the toes and the strap means the SUPER high heel and platform is easy to walk in without your heel slipping out. They really are very, very high, and the platform is curved so they're really comfy. They do the black pairs but the daisy print were only on eBay and they're my favourite! I have a few patterned dresses that won't really look right with them but I have way more plain black dresses and they're the perfect pattern injection! 


I got mine from this seller  btw so can vouch she's really good, and I bought a shoe protector spray to hopefully keep them shiny and in good condition. They're very sturdy and luckily the pattern will hopefully disguise any scuffs or marks that might occur. Love!

Pics are my own, google image search, and tumblr.

ski bunnies

I went on the hunt for some little boots suitable for rainy days and found these cuties in New Look. I tried them on but after a few minutes thought 'argh have I just picked up uggs?!' There's something slightly ugg-like about them but if you want furry boots then they all are! Alongside camel, all the shops are stocking arctic, 'alpine' stuff, which makes for really cute mittens and scarfs. In fact I bought these River Island tights in the summer because snow flake print is the best! I think patterned tights are a bit more wearable with ankle boots as they look more like leggings, and leggings with coats are a cute look. D&G always put extra girly, sexy stuff down the runway and how amazing is the knitted all-in-one! Not quite right to call it a jumpsuit or a leotard but I bet it's cosy.

It looks great in the advert! Also absolutely love the little jumpers with maxi dresses. There are sooo many maxis in the mid season sales, I would invest but as I said in previous posts, I don't have time to wear all my clothes as it is! I only have one maxi dress that's as floaty as these and it's not long until colder months so I'll have to wear it as much as possible.

I was going to take an outfit photo but I foolishly wore these to watch the fireworks and it was a bit of a mud fest! Hopefully after a brush they'll be as good as new. And they were only £19.99! I ripped out some vouchers in a New Look magazine that I found in the staff room at work too so they were even cheaper, bargain! They're wide fit but feel the same as other shoes, maybe even cosier. There's something really fun about wearing fur around your ankles, and super toasty too!


Runway pics from and advert from tfs.