She stole my boyfriend!
Forgive me...


I'll admit that I was wrong. Very very wrong. Manchester was not the city I thought it was. After spending a fabulous day roaming the Manchester streets, I found the most amazing delights!

I had a few hours to spare before my interview at the Uni, so I wandered around for a while, and stopped a super fine guy with a 'fro. He told me to go down Oldham Street, which turned out to be full of charity shops and vintage shops and record shops, oh my! Not just your average vintage shops; each one was beautifully clean and colourful, and not overly expensive! I bought 2 dresses for less that £20! I spoke to a lady working in Retro Rehab (a small, eclectic vintage store) who told me of some fabulous sounding club nights. Rather than the place we went to on NYE, which was a plain old indie club, Manchester offers tones of strange, adventurous nights, like a 20's,30's,40's night where girls wear flapper dresses and finger-curl their hair and boys wear top hats and tail coats. Here in Birmingham we only have the bog standard music nights, rather than special vintage wearing events and retro 60's nights.

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I also found a shop just off Oldham Street called American Graffitti, specialising in 60's and 70's vintage. It looked like an Austin Powers set crossed between Willy Wonka land! There was so much rainbow colour and shiny plastic!

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If I'm ever lucky enough to live in Manchester, I'll be very, very poor! The Uni was huge and had a brand new Maths building for next year. I feel like shooting myself for making assumptions about a city based on one dire club! It's a real incentive to revise (ew) as AAB will be alot of hard work.

Also, they give you £1000 if you get 3 As, so if that's not an incentive, what is?!

When I got back to Birmingham I saw Amy Winehouse as part of a Hugo Boss promo-type tour. She is the tiniest woman I've EVER seen. Definite lollypop syndrome. If size O is a UK size 4, then she must be double O. It was quite scary. In pictures and on TV she seems fairly healthy, but in real life she was skeletal.

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