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A million ways to avoid revision...

Everyone who rang/texted into the radio today seemed to be doing revision. Urgh it sucks because you have to go through the stages of a) you don't want to get started but know you really have to so you feel all crappy and b) get stuck in, realise how much you actually have to do and give up as it's too daunting, then c) keep going and get so bored you want to choke yourself on pencil sharpenings. And all the time that big shiny university star is glinting, and so you carry on and get even more depressed. Well today was no different, as the library was shut so I had to force myself at home, which never ever works.

I stayed on the computer for as long as possible, which brought me up to about 11am, hmmm. My mom likes to stick meaningful articles about myspace and net paedophiles around the house, to remind us of safety and stuff(???) The articles are always by journalists who are appalled by the mention of sex *shock horror* on a teen website. All this media work on the teen magazines has corrupted my brain to be constantly analysing content; especially when I watched a programme where a 14 year old girl went for sti tests, which came back clear, and said 'I'm still going to have unprotected sex, it probably would have been better if i did have a disease,' and her dad was in the room, not even caring.

Just encase you're interested,the article says 'meet alice15, one of myspace's newest members. this week her online 'friends' encouraged her to pose naked, asked about her sex life- and one even committed a lewd act on his webcam. Will YOUR child be talking to them today?'

Will they indeed....

I stole Laurence for company and tucked him into bed with some videos, which I tried to watch whilst revising, but obviously didn't.

How good is mermaid, which Cher and that really annoying Winona Ryder and a cute baby Christina Ricci!! Seriously fab soundtrack. I am so a mermaid at the next fancy dress party!

Then I thought no selina no!! what are you doing, you want to go to uni, go revise!! Looking at my calender and revision books made me feel quite queasy but I marched on

Until my wardrobe distracted me. Naughty wardrobe. I was considering whether to keep a dress I got from a charity shop and saw the label said candy floss, so really I had to keep it. And it's got a skirt which is actually shorts; that brings the romper count up to 7 (8 if you're counting jumpsuits) Playsuits anonymous here I come. Damn I just blew my cover. Oh well!

Tidying is an amazing way to avoid revision, as it's an equally productive task that you can't feel so guilty about. Whilst gathering my stuff into they're separate corners, the question 'how many vintage bags is too many vintage bags?' was posed. I've excluded big bags or hippy bags or any other kind of bag here; I mean 80's bright leather bags. Is 26 too many?

Don't answer that. I worry that because my room's so big now, when I go to uni I won't be able to fit anything in my new room. How do people cope?? I need answers!

I also had to mourn the loss of a blue glittery sock, which was from a pair of my favourite glittery socks

It's a sad, sad day. I do not joke. It begged the next question of whether my glittery silver shoes are bad luck, as the only times i have worn them was when we had that awful new years in Manchester, and left the club at 12.15, and when i wasn't allowed into snobs. I'm superstitious in my own way and now am a little afraid.

I've never worn these £5 sale office shoes, as the right outfit hasn't done them justice yet. Maybe some light blue socks could create a fab Dorothy look. hmmm. anyway, it is a great shame. especially as there could have been an great glitter overload with my lonely blue sock.

The depression was overwhelming and I turned to chocolate. Then my dressing table, which was, quite frankly, a disgusting state! I mopped it down and wiped all the beads and formed some order, which should last about 3 days max.

And last but not least, the discovery that there are two, yes TWO, mary-kate and ashley videos in our house shocked me to the core, and I had to do some hardcore maths equations to recover. There you have it, the key to revision success. And it only took a whole day!

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