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I've racked my brains but I don't think I've been in this position before; probably because all my stuff is so cheap! When we used to go to Snobs I'd come out with black shoes. Sadly they were white when I went in. Whenever I go clubbing I wake up to find a pile of spilt drink stained/fag burned/grimey clothes topped with a battered pair of heels. Maybe you don't notice inside because you've had a few vodka red bulls (classy!) or it's just part of the fight for space on the dance floor, but you're feet always get battered! I always know never to dress to preen too much in my finest. So my question is this: when you own something expensive/beautiful/precious, is it best to keep it pristine at home for your own admiration, or use it as it's meant to be and flaunt it?

For my 18th in just under 2 months (believe me i will send out a parade when i get read id!) my mom wants to throw me a party, which i have promised her not to do. I think she just wants a chance to invite all her friends round and get drunk and listen to abba or whatever. She wants to get me something memorable like jewellery, but I've asked for a some classic vintage that will never go out of style. I've got on her behalf a Chanel bag off ebay for relatively cheap (£80) but probably wont be able to use it until august (boo). So should I run the risk of getting it stained/damaged/stolen if I'm unlucky, or only use it for those 'special' occasions that end up being stuff like family weddings that are totally unfashionable anyway???

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